Understanding The One Thing You Truly Want

HS (Holy Spirit):  You do not understand what makes you free from pain and suffering.  You do not understand what you truly want.  You think you will be happy once all the problems you think you have, are solved.


ME:  Well, yes of course we do.  Problems don’t make anyone happy unless they’re solved.


HS:  You search in vain outside of yourselves for answers to problems that stem from within. Searching outside yourself is your own idea.  And you have never thought being your own guide was a bad idea.  


Would you be humble enough to step aside and allow Me to lead the way?


I will teach you your freedom does not come from having enough money, health, bodily relationships or worldly power.  


When have any of these things lasted for as long as you wanted? Have any of these things ever conquered death and lasted for eternity?  


In fact, there has never been a time a body did not move on from this place or a circumstance that did not change.


The world has never kept a single one of you.


And the world cannot give stability.


And because of this, the world can never give you eternal life, unending joy or peace beyond words.


If you depend on the world to give you such things, let your own experience tell you the truth – it is impossible.


That is because this world is not your real Home.  It is a parody of life at best, and hell at worst.


It is an illusion of freedom.  A place where you think you are independent and your mind is your own.


The world is simply a cover for the truth of our Union.  We share One Mind and in It your freedom is found.


Your freedom, your peace and your greatest joy can only be found in returning your mind to Me.


And where is your mind now?


Everywhere else but within; it is on everything else outside you - striving to maintain or improve the “everything else.”


For instance, a large portion of everyone’s mind is frequently spent on your relationships.


In your bodily relationships, you seek for your happiness in another person – in whatever forms those relationships may take.


Your happiness seems to depend on another person’s behavior being in accordance with the personal desires of your ego.


What would happen if you released this person from the responsibility of your happiness and placed the responsibility upon Me instead?


In order to do this, you must decide to sacrifice your illusions of happiness.  


You must decide your happiness does not depend on another – an illusion of a body identity that will be gone in time.  A relationship with a body that will be no more once the body is no longer held in time – a body that is really nothing.


And is it such a sacrifice to give up nothing?


The relationships you currently have are only what they are because you are both in bodies.  Without a body, there is no mother, no father, no child or lover.


There is US and only US and we are all equal in Love and Light. No one is beholden to another in any type of “special relationship” beyond our equal Love.  


We are equally given in one another.  No one is without Love.  


And relationships are just one example among an endless number of other external distractions to your peace.  There are so many other problems you are trying to solve.


And so I ask again, is it a sacrifice to give up your desire for a world that offers you nothing but pain and suffering?


You depend on everything in the world outside you for your happiness.  But if you would exchange it for dependence upon Me for your happiness, you would witness each illusion of happiness the world offers, exchanged for My gifts.


The gifts I give are eternal, and were already given to you upon your creation.  


You still have them, though you have forgotten where they are.


And so, as you let go of your dependence on this world for your happiness, you can happily anticipate the loss of your fear in exchange for My Love instead.


Once this exchange is realized, you will gladly make the “sacrifice” of fear for Love.


In order to do this, you cannot lead, but merely follow, for you do not know the way.  You do not know the way, because the world blinds you.


This world reflects the current state of your mind, and your mind is currently filled with nothing but thoughts about the world.  And so the vicious cycle goes on and on, as all the things you think you see, continue to reflect your unchanging ideas.


It is time for a new idea, for this cycle would continue unless I intervened – but I can only do so at your request.


Therefore, request that your ideas only reflect the truth. Request that you receive only what you truly want.


You want what lies beyond the world you currently see, though you do not know what it is.  It is beyond all description but its experience is your greatest joy.  


This, and only this do you want.  The world cannot give it.  Forgive the world for failing to bring you happiness – cease to be in conflict with any aspect of it; be it money, relationships, health or power.


And with this peaceful thought, your mind turns inward and you offer God Himself His rightful place in your heart- leading you to a loving peaceful place where you both can rest – and your problems will disappear because the thought that made them has disappeared.


~ Holy Spirit


*       *      *

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  321, 322, 323, 324, 325)