Awakening From Our Collective Amnesia

HS (Holy Spirit):  You all suffer from the same collective amnesia; upon your birth, you instantly forget Who You Are.  This happens to each of you the moment you enter this world.  


And since you are raised and taught by others who also suffer from this shared amnesia, the vast majority of you go through life never learning of your true Identity in Me.  


And thus, you must come back again and again to try and awaken.


ME:  Well why don’t You just awaken us already?  Why not restore our lost memory right now?  If this is our greatest need, then why not just give it to us?


HS:  You cannot enter this world without forgetting Who You Are.  And I will honor whatever you request.


This is because I gave you each power equal to My own at the moment of your creation, and you have chosen to come into this reality and experience separation from me.  


This desire cannot be overruled except by your own choice.  


You have made a war against yourself, though you think it is with Me.


The memory you share with Me has been forgotten in order to feel beholden only to yourself.  Your small ego “self.”


And this memory cannot be restored to a mind in conflict – at war between these two identities.  You cannot be both an ego and My Divine Creation.  Only one identity is true.


And so you must choose which thoughts about yourself you think are true. 


For the memory of God can only come to a quiet mind, where it is open and willing to remember its eternal gentleness.


And so you must un-learn conflict in order to remember peace; for you – each of you – IS a Son of God, but you each had to forget this divine heritage in order to experience what you are not.


To forget your True Identity, you each had to take on an identity unlike your own.


You had to become a body, and be “born” without any recollection of your Truth as My Creation and the power you each hold.


And while you believe this story is the truth about you – while you believe you are the body you see in the mirror – you will go on in this world, wandering with your amnesia.  


You will continue to walk lost in this world feeling abandoned, alone, and unfulfilled; ever searching for something with a longing you can’t explain.


You search for your forgotten memories of Me and the peace and love you felt at knowing our Union – the experience of which is beyond all words.


What you currently see is an illusion you have made and nothing more. You can easily abandon your search here.


However real it may seem, know this: Illusions cannot triumph over truth, and neither can your true Identity be threatened in any way.


It is My Will that your memory be restored to you.  And when you join your will with Mine, will your true Identity be made expressed here on earth.  


You will awaken from the dream of pain and suffering and claim your rightful place beside Me.


In order to join your will with Mine, you must accept that all you know now is untrue.  


You cannot be in conflict, for you are part of One Self.


You cannot be in separate bodies, because you were created as One with Me.


Illusions of yourself may seem to do battle.  You may appear to have conflict with bodies that appear separate from you.  


Yet there is no victor and no victory where there is only One.


Accept that despite all this, you remain at peace, healed and whole, just as you were created.  


In truth, you cannot be in conflict, for what God created as One, no illusion can separate.


You remain as God created you: untouched, radiant, and quiet in the peace of God.


Conflict can only be between two opposing forces, and there is no other force but the Love of God.  


Any other “force” is an illusion created to bring conflict where there is forever peace – and not a part of you.


All conflict is between Love and nothingness.


And conflict occurs whenever you look upon the illusions around you with anything but Love.


The conflict will disappear when it is brought to the truth; you are at war only with yourself.


Therefore, have mercy on yourself.


Look out on the world you seem to be separated from, and extend only peace to it.


Conflict and peace are opposites, and where one abides, the other cannot be.


Where one disappears, the other becomes manifest as your experience.


And so it is, the memory of God returns to the mind that has ceased to let it be a battleground and welcomes only peace.


Far you have come, and far you will go, once you let peace rule your mind.


Your true Identity and forgotten memory of God will be restored to you once you commit to the side of peace.


Know that you are forever an Effect of God.

And as His Perfect Creation

You are entitled to His Love and peace.

When in doubt and darkness 

You need but call 

And God will answer you.

And His answer will always be 

Some form of peace.

To accept His answer

You must step aside.

Choose the second place to gain the first.

Step down from the idea you are a body -

Separate and autonomous from All That Is.

This IS only one real choice.

You can only choose between truth and illusion.

Choose to lay down your defenses 

Against your peace with one another

And God.

And let peace enter where war has dominated.

This is God’s Will for you.

Know that at the moment of your creation

You already chose what God Wills for you.

You simply do not remember it.

Until this memory returns to you

Vow not hurt your Self.

Let Love enter

And choose the side of peace.

~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  326, 327, 328, 329, 330)