How To Respond To All Conflict

HS (Holy Spirit):  When your inner peace is challenged, your ego will always respond first, but you need not let it speak.  


ME:  What should I do instead?


HS:  Wait a moment before responding to any form of attack.  Listen to My Voice within you and do as I say instead. 


My Voice will nearly always be silent.


So respond with My Silence.


This will be counter-intuitive to what your ego wants to do.


ME:  Yes. I’ve tried that a few times, and it gets very awkward and downright painful for me to be silent when I think I’m under verbal attack.


HS:  And those times you have managed it, how did the situation turn out?


ME:  Well at first I felt like a doormat.  And it seemed that the other person got away with being terrible towards me.  I felt like I’d lost a battle.


But in every instance, they behaved more respectfully towards me the next time we encountered one another.  There are even a few people who I’ve since developed very healthy loving relationships with and we’ve been able to laugh over past grievances.  


HS:  And do you know why?


ME:  They gained respect for me?


HS:  Not quite. 


The attack ended because you chose not to participate in it.  


By not responding, you did not give them any fuel to walk away with after your encounter ended.  They had no words of battle from you to think about and rehash over and over again in their mind once you parted ways.


You gave them nothing to conflict with – no words what so ever.  


Even words you think are kind or helpful can be turned into a form of attack when seen by another’s ego.


So by saying nothing, you gave their ego no ammunition to keep firing, and the conflict ended.


All they had nothing to think about but their own hateful words - and they stood alone with them.


By offering only your silence, you did not join them where they stood in conflict, but chose peace instead.


Understand that in every human encounter, you are choosing not only whether or not to participate in the conflict at hand, but you are also choosing “for” or “against” an even more ancient battle: The battle between the Truth about Who You Are, and the ego.


This battle has been going on since time began - since you first had the insane notion to become a body.


Yet, though this battle carries on, Truth does not respond.  It does not participate, because the Truth of Who You Are cannot be challenged – there IS nothing outside of Love, and Love is Who You Are.


There are steps to removing the barriers between the truth of Who You Are and the ego.


The first step is a simple decision.  


Decide not to hate the person you see outside yourself.


You need not actually feel peaceful and loving towards them at first, but simply decide not to counterattack. 


Everyone thinks his or her defense against attack is justified.  Yet in order for peace to come, you must give up the idea that you will lose your power if you decide for your peace.


For I tell you, you each want what the other wants.  You both want peace, though neither of you may be aware of it consciously. And so both of you think the way to peace is war.


All it takes is for one of you to awaken to the idea of peace, and it is done in both of you.


Understand that even though you may hear only words of war spoken to you, your “enemy” is only trying to fulfill the wants of their ego, which they think will bring them peace.


The ego never speaks to you of peace and healing.  


Rather than responding with attack and defense of your own, begin to feel understanding and compassion for those who think war is the way to peace.


This will help you decide not to defend yourself, and therefore hold your peace.


All defenses are simply confirmation to the ego that attack upon your Spirit is possible.


The second step in this process is the shortest, but the most crucial; you must wait an instant and be still.


Forget everything you ever thought you knew about the person who seems to be your “enemy.”


Remember that neither of you is here to lead or follow, but to walk together in peace.  


You are on the same road together.


The third and final step then comes quite naturally.  


It is to forgive your “enemy” all appearances of hate, and remember you are ancient friends.  For indeed you both are - when you are not here in your bodies playing your imaginary roles of victim and victimizer.


And in this final step you have at last changed your mind about your fellow companion and you have allowed Christ to step forward and be born to both of you.


A holy instant spent with this single thought – the thought you may actually love one another when not in these bodies you see – is enough to change the outcome in any situation.


This single choice heals you both.


And it is here you think you have earned “respect.”  


Yet respect is not something earned or given and received.  It is a merely a “side effect” of having given your peace and healed another and yourself.


You are not here to demand, earn, or give respect.  You are not here to “win” any conflict - for Love has no such needs or desires.  It wants for nothing, being complete unto Itself.  


You are here to give your peace, and when you give only your peace, all else that is good and loving comes with it.


For in this choice you recognize only the One Who holds the Light before you, so that you can travel more swiftly to your destination of awakening to My Love.


In this single decision, you decide for My peace.


And where you ask for My peace, My peace is given.


So you may have smaller “battles” with others within the greater conflict between the Christ in you and your ego.


But remember: your goal is to overcome the ego altogether and give up all conflict with those whom you are at One with.  


For in doing so, you heal the problem at its source; the source of the idea you could ever be separate to begin with.


In truth, there is no conflict, for your will is the same as God’s. You want peace with all living things.


Therefore, forgive the separation you currently see, for it is a symbol of your wish to be in conflict, separated and alone.


The state of believing in separation binds you to the fear of death, attack and all possible forms of harm.  You fear everything there is surrounding the body.  


But the truth is, you are not a body.


And this truth remembered in any given situation will undo the dreams of malice and fear you currently hold about the world around you. 


Forgiveness of the world and all those who walk beside you in it, invites peace to come.


Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here.  And it can only be resolved once and for all by healing it at its source: Your mind.    


Therefore, lay claim to the gifts forgiveness gives.  Do not wait a second longer.  Do not suffer an instant more.  Seek to experience only the eternal, timeless reality of your everlasting state of Love, joy, peace and happiness.  


See no one as beholden to you; forgive everyone their debts, regardless of the form they may take.


Choose to see your brother’s sinlessness instead.  And with this choice you release him with your forgiveness, and you will stand forgiven of all debt as well.  


For you are both created in holiness together, and what happens to one, happens to ALL.  


And you are all held together in My eternal Love, forever perfect, healed and whole.


It is My Will that you return your mind to this state, for I would have you suffer in conflict no more.


My peace is forever with you. 


~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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