What Does It Mean To Awaken?

HS (Holy Spirit):  Do you know what it means to truly awaken?  Do you understand what it fully entails?  If you did, I promise, you would not hesitate to do it.


ME:  You have my full attention with those words.  I’m all ears; let’s hear it.


HS:  To fully awaken entails total acceptance – true BELIEF – in the truth that I am everywhere.  It is the complete understanding of our unbroken Unity.


ME:  I feel like many of us already believe that.


HS:  So you say. But if that were really true for you, then you would never feel alone, depressed, fearful or angry.  


You would be in a state of peace at all times, knowing you that despite what you see, you are safe and healed and wholly loved for all eternity.  You would feel complete and at ease in every way.


It is apparent you do not understand that belief begets perception.


Currently, you each believe there is a gap between yourself and others.  You believe you exist in separate bodies that can come together for a while and leave again whenever you so decide.


And you believe this is also true of Me.


You believe it is possible to be alone, sometimes absent from My Presence and apart from All That Is.


And in this belief, you fear Me.




Because you believe I carry the same attributes as your ego.


You cannot be blamed for this – the ego has been your only guide for a very long time.   Why would you assume any different?


But through the lens of the ego’s vision, God appears to be just as chaotic and undependable as the rest of the world you see.


You believe that My Love can harbor at least a hint of hate; that My gentleness could sometimes turn into punishment, and that My everlasting patience with you could sometimes fail.


You believe that it is possible for Me to withhold My Love from some, give it to others, and change My allegiance to you at any time.


I am not a capricious god.  And My Love for you never changes.


Yet these are the lies you believe, and so in order to protect yourself, you see a gap of separation between yourself, My Love, and all My Creation.


Because of these untruths, you have fallen asleep and developed a fear of God.  


The fear of God!  This is the greatest obstacle to your awakening that exists, and you are not even aware of it.  Peace and awakening cannot come until your fear of Me is gone forever.


And I tell you; there is nothing to be feared.


It is impossible for a gap or separation to exist in the Wholeness of My Love.


It is quite impossible; an absolute law that can never be broken, for My Love is unbreakable.






And I am Perfect, and create only that which is also Perfect.


Therefore, YOU are PERFECT and cannot be separated from My Perfection.


No gap, no separation, can ever come between us.


This then means that the body is not real. It is an illusion of separation you have invented in order to protect yourself from Me, Who only loves you.


And with this thought of separation, you “left the garden of Eden” which caused the illusion that you left Me – and forgot our Union.  


Your state before this was a state of mind in which nothing was needed – you existed in a state of completion.


But suddenly, with your forgetting came your guilt, and your suffering; you felt naked and afraid without the memory that I walk behind you, beside you, before you, and at One with you.


And in your forgetting, you decided that I did this to you as punishment, for you do not remember choosing it yourself.


So in your current state, it is difficult indeed to believe there is no gap between us.  


Can you accept this?  Would you learn and believe there is no gap behind which you can hide from Me?  Or from anyone else’s mind?  


This idea causes the ego much resistance.  It is shocking to its core.




Because the ego depends on you staying asleep in order for it to exist, and if you awoke to your Oneness it would disappear.


In the bible it states that Adam fell into a deep sleep; but nowhere does it state he ever woke up.


Since this sleep came upon you, the world has yet to experience an Awakening.


There are four things you must learn in order to bring about A Grand Awakening:


1.  You have not changed.


2.  You are still Perfect as God created you.


3.  None of what you currently see is real.


4.  There is no other direction you can go, but toward what IS real; and only what is eternal WITHIN you is real.


It is a leap of faith to learn the ones you thought were your enemies, are actually your saviors, through accepting your Oneness with them.  


It would mean you are not alone, abandoned, afraid or unloved by anyone.


At the least, even the most subdued ego is wary of this, and a twinge of fear is felt at the happy message: “God is Love, and nothing else.  And therefore so are you - along with everyone else.”


Yet all that will happen once this is believed as true, is the gap between you and your brothers will disappear and you will both rest in peace eternal.


Do not be afraid to lose yourself in finding Oneness with God and all He created equal with you.


Can you be lost, by being found?


And in your Self-discovery, you will awaken.


So today, right now, this holy instant, choose to see your brother’s innocence.


Forgive the gap you see between you – it is not there. Your minds are One.


And in this forgiveness – the choice to see no gap or difference between you – you will remember your minds are joined in My Love.


My Love guarantees you are innocent and protected from all the harm you think the ego can accomplish.


In truth, you are affected only by your thoughts of separation from one another.


Thoughts of separation will keep you asleep.


Thoughts that forgive such untruths will awaken you.


And you will receive whichever experience your thoughts request.


Through forgiveness of your own mistaken belief in separation, you can be free of suffering today.


Your awakening is simply the remembrance of Heaven; the place you have always been; through the forgiveness of the hell and separation you currently see in its place.  


Know that I am speaking to you directly – YOU, the very one who is reading these words now - your awakening is at hand My Precious Child.  


Welcome Home.  Welcome back to the Garden of Eden.  And though you have never truly left Me; we happily await your imminent return.


~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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