How To Forgive Even A Fallen Angel

HS (Holy Spirit):  Drama is the great destroyer of your peace.  It consumes your mind, wastes your time, and gives your mind little room for thoughts of anything else.


ME:  Yes, I have had that experience.  Whenever there is drama in my life, everything else seems to shut down.  I can’t think about anything else until it’s resolved.


HS:  And how has each drama been resolved in your life?


ME:  Well, I guess it came down to my own acceptance of the situation.  Otherwise the painful scenario would play over and over again in my mind until something else came along to replace it.


HS:  Yes, and as time has gone on you have begun to notice more quickly when you are not at peace, and actively move to release the inner conflict.


ME:  Yes.  I am happy to say that I currently have only peaceful relationships in my life.  And it’s been this way for years now.  I feel like I have no tolerance for even the slightest disruption to my peace, and I actively move to correct it as quickly as possible.


That’s not to say that conflict doesn’t come up every now and then, but it seems to resolve quickly and I’m able to move back into peace and clear thinking once again.


HS:  And what is the change in your thoughts that causes you to let go of your suffering and drama?


ME:  I don’t know how to explain it exactly.  I just decide I don’t like how I feel when I am not at peace.  So I search my mind for thoughts to bring me up when I’m feeling down.


HS:  So you agree your thoughts can go “up” and “down?”


ME:  Well yes, I suppose so.  I mean that’s just how it feels.  Some thoughts feel “up” or happy and other thoughts feel “down” or painful.


HS:  The direction of your thoughts is a very real thing you know.  In fact, there are only two directions your thoughts can go: either down or vertical.


And “down” thoughts are actually horizontal thinking.


Thoughts that are horizontal are thoughts about the world – the world all around you, outside of you.   And when you think too much about the world outside of you, “things start to go sideways” in your life.


Thoughts that go vertical or “up” are thoughts that are not of this world; they are literally “out of this world.”  These are thoughts that elevate you above the battleground and into My peace.


ME:  Yeah, I don’t like it when my life goes sideways…


HS:  You do not like it, because everything here on the horizontal plain fails eventually. You need to go vertical if you want to move from what does not make you happy.


Horizontal thinking goes nowhere.  It keeps you in the low vibration of physical matter.  And it can only travel on a circular path around and around your mind like a never-ending story about the world you live in and the suffering it has caused you.   


You will never arrive at your desired destination of inner peace while your thinking remains horizontal – stuck here on this plane of existence.


But a vertical thought uplifts you and moves you out of where you are now.  It is literally a leap towards Heaven - and you never have to even leave your body.


The world you currently see – everything outside of you – is the world of form, substance, and matter.  It is the densest type of existence you can possibly have.  


There is no lower vibration you can be in, than physical matter.


This is why, once you find yourself in a physical state - as you are now - you cannot go lower.  There is nowhere you can go from here except up.


In contrast, your thoughts are ephemeral, and free - made of energy, love, and life.  Your thoughts have the power to shift your experience up or down, based on where you direct them.


Direct your thoughts to rest on the world, and you command yourself to be bound to the lowest possible vibration - a vibration that causes you much suffering and strife.  Such thoughts cause you to “fall.”  


You literally “fall from grace.”  


And with these “fallen thoughts” you also forget My Eternal Reality and the Truth of Who You Are.  This is because you cannot be in two places at once.  You are either a body or you are a part of My Spirit of Love and Light.


Who You Truly Are is the opposite of the world of form and physical matter – you are Light and Love.  


But you do not truly believe this.


You believe you are a body, and if you think you are a body, you associate yourself with the dense world of form and all its problems.  


And you must subsequently forget the Truth of your real Identity and the Real World.


You cannot experience both the world of density and the world of Light simultaneously.


In order to regain total recall of your True Identity as part of My One Self – imbued with My grace, joy, peace and love; you must undo any thought that causes you to “fall from grace.”


When horizontal thoughts become vertical - you rise to meet Me like incense.


Therein lies the key to working miracles.  


A miracle is simply a correction in thought.  Corrected thoughts beget a corrected reality.


With each corrected thought, the world around you shifts to accommodate what your mind has called forth.


The thoughts you must think in order to bring about such miraculous changes in the world around you are this: you are not a body at all.  The world of form and density around you is not real.


Replace thoughts about bodies and the world with the Truth: you each remain exactly as I have created you, and I created you Perfect, sinless, and United in My Love.


When you have thoughts of fear, hate or attack; you are attacking this truth about you.  You are attacking the very sinlessness I have created you as.  


And it is your sinlessness – the truth that you are Love and nothing else – that keeps you safe.


Your True Identity is safe with Me.


You have My Word on this, and My Word cannot be broken.  My Word is that you remain as I created you, despite your fallen thoughts.


To correct such thoughts, simply forgive them.  Let your forgiveness rest upon all things outside of you, and when you do this, you will correct your own mistaken identity.  You will be asking to remember the truth of your Unity with all things.


And you will be given forgiveness in return, for your thoughts bring you what you ask for.


You are not asked to give up anything you do not want to.  You are not asked to make a sacrifice to find My peace.


You have asked for an end to suffering, and how can giving up thoughts that hurt, be a sacrifice?


As you were created, so you remain.  Everyone is equal in My holy Love and Light.


Yet, you still see inequalities among yourselves.  What of your “enemies?”  And even those whose names are notorious in your world history?


There are those whose very name brings instant judgment and condemnation to your mind.  Everyone seems to have unanimously agreed to hate such individuals.  


How can you forgive such people?


Could you even forgive one whom you have hated since the world’s making - one whom you fear and blame deep down inside as the cause of all the world’s misery?


Could you forgive Lucifer himself?


Here I ask that you learn the law of love: that what you extend to others is also simultaneously extended to yourself.  


This is the truth about giving and receiving.  You can never keep mercy for yourself alone.  When you give it to others, it is always reflected back upon you.  


If you withhold it, it is withheld from yourself also.


How near you are to each other as you travel Home to God!  And how near is He to each of you.  And with the understanding of God’s mercy and love, you draw close to the ending of your dream of pain and suffering.


The ending of the dream is near for those who can forgive the dream that they have fallen from grace.


Offer only miracles – thoughts that take your mind vertical, thoughts that remind you of your divinity – for you would have such miracles extended to you in return.


A miraculous thought is any thought that corrects the idea that you are a nothing but a fallible body.


You are so much more than this.  And when you look beyond the limits of the body to the Light that blesses you all from within; you bless the world with a miracle in vision.


And in this way you each climb the ladder of God’s Love, returning to a state of grace, and the Highest Thought about Who You Are.


See no one as anything less than part of your One Self; a self in need of healing and love rather than attack and condemnation.  For this is true forgiveness.


And as you learn what true forgiveness is, you will not only be able to forgive your worst enemy; but you will be able to forgive Lucifer himself.


To understand your enemy is to love him.


So understand then, that you all suffer from the same identity crisis – a mistaken identity you have each assumed in a world of form and matter that is NOT you.


Who You Are is beyond all form – you exist in a frequency of Love, and love can only love.


THIS is Who You Are.


It is possible to forgive Lucifer because he made no greater mistake than you; his thoughts merely “fell” when he fell into thinking he could be anything different or less than the Light his very name represents.


Understand that you have all equally made the same mistake.


And you are all equally released from it through forgiving it.


So uplift your thoughts now, and let peace rest deeply upon your heart. 


Know that you are the Light Who has come to offer miracles to bless the world and as you give the gift of miracles, miracles will be returned to you. 


~ Holy Spirit


*       *      *

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