Command The Power Of The Universe Even As God Does

HS (Holy Spirit):  Your greatest need both as individuals and a collective consciousness is to render your thoughts unto Me and to their highest purpose.


ME:  I would love to do that.  I’m sure everyone else would too.  The problem is, it isn’t exactly easy or obvious how to do that.


HS:  The problem lies in your lack of belief in the power of your thoughts. 


What you think, begets what you see.


And currently, none of you gives any thought to the power of your thoughts, and so you let them wander aimlessly in and out of darkness.


And you will notice that this has also been your physical experience here as well.


Your lives seem to wander in and out of “good” and “bad” experiences. 


You feel like a lost and windblown speck of dust, helplessly riding on the breeze of a capricious and dangerous life, with no guarantee of survival. 


You feel you have little to no control over what happens to you in the world.


ME:  Well since You put it that way, yes I think we do feel that way for the most part.


HS:  Yet, I am here to tell you: you can claim all the power of the universe and command it even as God does.


ME:  Sign me up please!


HS:  You have only to do one thing to claim such power: let the peace of God envelope you, and forget all things in this world except God’s Love for you.


ME:  And I repeat: it isn’t exactly easy or obvious to us how to do that.


HS:  Then let Me explain it to you as plainly as possible.


The world you currently see lies within time, matter and space.


What you want to seek with your thoughts, is something that transcends this world altogether.


You want to seek what lies outside of the laws of time, in order that you are released from time and matter and all its associated fears.


In order to forget all things in this world – and therefore the fears associated with them – you must correct your thoughts about the world.


This correction is your responsibility.  


You have prayed and begged and asked Me to release you from what causes you fear and suffering, and yet, I am not the one who holds you there.


I have never held you in fear.


Instead, you should pray for help with the condition of your mind that is causing you to feel fear to begin with.


The condition of your mind that causes you to feel fear is the desire to be separate from My Love and cling to what lies outside you instead.


Choose to release what you hold onto with a white-knuckled death grip and you release Me to help you overcome your thoughts of separation, and thus accept My Love as replacement.


But, many of you are much too tolerant of your wandering thoughts. You are not even aware you are holding onto bits and pieces of the world with a grip that strangles the very joy from your life.


And so you are condoning the suffering your thoughts are bringing to you.  In fact, you welcome with open arms what has come to destroy your peace.


The correction for this condition is always the same: before you decide how you feel about something, ask Me if your choice is in accordance with My Will.


And if it is, you will feel at peace.  There will be no fear in your mind.


Still, you may feel unsure of what to think, and so you may have to back up before you can move forward to hear My answer.


There is a simple process to doing this.


First, acknowledge that any feeling of discomfort you may have, is fear.  For love causes you no strain or suffering at all.


Second, remember that fear can only be present if you have allowed it to cover the love you inherently are. Fear arises when there is a lack of love.


Third, you must act to correct this backwards situation.  The only correction for a lack of love is perfect love.


Fourth, the only way to reinstate perfect love is to accept that only love is real. Love is Union and peace with All That Is.  It is to be At One; it is also called the Atonement.  Acknowledge that this - and only this - is true about the world around you, and you undo all forms of fear.


Few recognize and fully understand the power of their thoughts.  And no one is aware of this power all the time.


And yet, every instant you are creating.


So it is with utmost importance that you learn to become aware of your thoughts and what they are bringing you.  You need to become aware of when your thoughts are miscreating.


If you feel fear, pain, or discomfort of any kind – be sure your thoughts have joined the ego and you are miscreating.


If your thoughts rest in peace, trust and quiet tranquility – be sure you have chosen Love to be your Guide.  Your will has joined God’s Will in true creation.


It is so important to choose the right guide, because every thought and belief you hold converges into a power that can literally move mountains.


You may think that to believe this about yourself is arrogance.


But the real reason you do not want to believe it is because you are afraid of what you might create with your unhealthy thoughts.


And so, you tell yourself you are powerless and afraid.  This is easier to accept than taking full responsibility for your experiences here.


There are no idle thoughts.


All thinking is a powerful creative force.


Therefore, if you want to use it as God uses it, then you have to learn to think the thoughts God thinks.


You have to forget the world outside you.


You have to release your fear, anger, and judgments because these emotions only come from having judged the world as real with real effects upon you.


Fear and anger are the weapons your ego uses to keep the miracle of awakening to your true creative power away from you.


When you feel these things, remember: you have no cause for anger or fear, because that is not God’s Will.  His Will is peace.  And the world you see is not the real world because it is not peaceful.  


So become very still, and remember that in truth God surrounds you. And in every need you may think you have, and every wrong thing you think has been done to you, His grace and love suffices as replacement for all of it.


And this is how you must see the world in order to correct you vision of it.  This is Christ’s Vision, and the means with which he worked miracles in the world.


He looked on all things without judgment or vice, and extended all things the miracle of love instead.


God will give you the strength to do this also.


Trust Him to heal your mind when you ask to be released from your own thoughts of fear that hold you hostage to its wide range of dark emotions.


Forgive the world outside of you for what you have made of it and as you extend forgiveness, miracles will replace what you see and experience.


This is because you are asking only to see God’s eternal Love within all living things and people, instead of separation and pain.


To ask this, is to ask for a miracle, and miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.  To offer them to the world is to remember Him in all things.  And through remembering Him in all things, you heal the world. You save it from its madness.


And God will be grateful to you for your gift of forgiveness and healing.  And in return, He will show you His True Reality of Love.


And in this way, you claim all the power of the universe and command it even as God does.



~ Holy Spirit

*       *      * 

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