What IS The Will Of God?

Holy Spirit (HS):  Often, many of you cringe inside upon hearing the words, “Do the Will of God.”




Because doing My Will is something that you both fear and dread - only because you do not understand what My Will IS, and you are certain you are unworthy and incapable of carrying it out.


You are sure My Will is some lofty and difficult task that will be impossible and requires great sacrifice on your part.


You are also sure it will be joyless work; possibly filled with monotonous prayer, sacrifice and selfless giving to others or something of the like.


But what if I told you, that none of this is My Will at all? Perhaps some of it may happen, but only as a willing and joyous “side-effect” of doing My True Will.


Many of you think of saints and public figures such as Mother Teresa when you think of those who have done My Will.  And they appear to have undergone much self-sacrifice and suffering to become what they are.


You assume too much My Child.  And you assume wrongly.


What IS My Will?


My Will for you is very simple, and requires absolutely no sacrifice on your part.


It is only this: that you be at peace.


And yet, you find that most of your bodily existence is spent NOT at peace.  Most of your time here in the world is spent in some form of discomfort, worry, anxiety, unhappiness, loneliness, anger or fear.


Do not feel guilty for not fulfilling My Will of peace for you. I am here now to help you join your will with Mine.


It all comes down to correcting your “wrong-mindedness.”


And the correction for “wrong-mindedness” is naturally “right-mindedness” or Miracle Mindedness – which corrects and therefore heals what is out of accord with My Will.


Miracle Mindedness brings your mind into a state of inner peace – which is My Will for you.  And when you rest in a state of peace, you open the door to the Christ within you, Who works through you.  And by His doing so, He will bring all things in your life into the proper alignment with the peace of God.


You may see this as discomfort at first, as certain things in your life are removed, rearranged, discontinued or disassembled.


You may resist this process at first, feeling as though you are being punished for something, but I assure you – resistance will only prolong the process and increase your suffering.


You will bypass all discomfort by uniting your will with God’s Will Who asks only for your peace and acceptance of the truth.


The truth is, you currently misperceive the entire world around you.  All that you see outside yourself is a misperception fostering wrong-mindedness.


You see death, sickness, loss and fear in the world around you. You see yourself as lost, alone and separate from all others and Myself. 


You know that at any second something could happen that would shatter your world and throw you into despair.  


One death of a loved one and you would be in hell.


One unpleasant comment from a stranger and your mind would no longer be at peace.


The truth is, you are God’s Holy Creation.  You are a perfect part of His One Son and an integral part within the body of God.  You are complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of God’s Perfect Love.


God has established you in His Perfect Love and peace and it is here He would have you be.  This is God’s Will.


So how do you correct your wrong-minded thoughts?  How do you bring yourself back into Miracle Mindedness?


Remember the truth: see only God’s Light and Love within every person you meet or think of for they still contain what God gave them.  They hold His Eternal Love in perfect Union with you. 


Choose to see sinless pure Light joining you all and you will be guided to peace.  


Choose to see yourself as separate and you will feel pain.  


When you judge someone to be nothing but a body, committing wrong acts and causing you to suffer, you are choosing to see the opposite of love. Judgment and love are opposites.  


From judgment comes all the sorrows of the world and from love comes the peace of God Himself.


Therefore, let your very body be a vessel for His peace.


Give your eyes, your words, your hands and feet over to the Christ within you to do My Will.  Let all you do be an expression of My peace.


And in doing so, you will bless the world with miracles, because your thoughts have become Miracle Minded.


Stand together with the Christ within you, in peace and certainty of your single purpose here: remembrance that God is your Creator and He is within you.  And you are like your Father in word and deed and Will.


Hold no thought against your fellow Children in Christ.  They are your brethren though they know not what they do.


And with such Miracle Minded thoughts as this, there will be no end to all the peace and joy and miracles you will give once you accept your Oneness.  


God’s Word IS your Oneness.  Accept it now, for there is no other time than the present. 


Peacefully accept God’s Word that you are One with Him and you complete His Will.


And yet reality may seem to remain the same as it ever was for awhile.


But I assure you, it is possible to look upon the reality of this world without judgment and merely accept that another, more loving reality is there.


It awaits you now.


There is no reason to delay your peace a moment longer.


There is no reason to delay the doing of God’s Will.


And in the doing of God’s Will you are healed along with all the world.


~ Holy Spirit


*       *      *

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