The Second Coming Of Christ

Holy Spirit (HS):  During this season, many of you celebrate the first coming of Christ into this world.  


Few give much thought at this time to His Second Coming, but your role in giving welcome to it is essential.


ME:  How does one “give welcome” to Christ’s Second Coming?


HS:  We spoke of “Miracle Mindedness” in the last conversation and I will expand upon that here.


When your mind has been given over to Me, it becomes transformed – made ready to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  


This is a miraculous event.


Through it, comes the Christ through you.  And therefore, His Second Coming will be through each of you - but not until you have allowed yourself to become Miracle Minded.


Even so, as your bible states: no one knows the day, the hour or the moment that Christ will come again.  He will come like a thief in the night, unexpected and unannounced.


Will you be asleep when He arrives?  Or will you be prepared and awake, the lamp in your mind lit and ready for His return?


Miracle Mindedness IS your prepared state of mind.  


And those who have made themselves ready will receive the gifts He has to bring you.  Not unlike your story of gifts being delivered while you sleep during night of Christmas Eve.


Excepting that the gifts of Christ are eternal – and are given for ALL – without exception.


So how do you ready your mind to receive the gifts of Christ?


You heal it.


All forms of sickness stem from a belief in the body as your only identity – a body that seems to separate you from all others and God.


The body identity was invented by the ego as a means to trick your mind into believing that God exists separate from you; that you exist alone and isolated.


This thought needs to be healed in order for you to accept the gifts of Christ.


God can only create what is eternal; therefore, if your body were of God, it would last for all eternity.


You know from experience that it does not.


Do not make the error of “clinging to the old rugged cross” dying endless deaths here - for such repetitions will be endless until you voluntarily give them up.


Let this be your last useless journey.


The message of the crucifixion of Christ was that death could be overcome – not that God demands sacrifice.


And as you celebrate My birth, so should you celebrate My Life in God as I overcame death.


For the way to leave this world is NOT through death, but through Truth.  


And you are weary and tired of making the journey here.  If this were not true, you would not be reading these words now.


And what IS the Truth that shall set My people free?


You are not sick.  


You are a part of My One Self, a piece of the Son of God, complete and healed and whole.


And each of you has come here to set the world free by allowing Me to express My Self through you.


For you are a part of My One Self – we are One Love.


Sickness is just another name for our seeming separation – the only sin you have ever made; a simple mistake that can easily be corrected.  It is from this error that all forms of physical and mental sickness stem.


Healing is just another name for God – the One Who’s Voice proclaims you healed of your thought of separation through your Oneness in Him.


And you bring Him forward within your mind, healing it of all forms of sin and error by calling for Him.


Call for the Truth and you are calling directly for God.


And God will come.


He will respond first with miracles, and then return to you to be in union with you as One Self.


No call to God can ever be unheard or unanswered.  And you can be sure that His answer is the only one you really want.


For His answer is what heals your mind and allows Him to bestow the gifts of the Holy Spirit upon you.


God’s Voice proclaims His Word.


His Word is that you are One.


And through calling on His Name, you ask that this become your Reality in Truth.


God’s Name is His answer to your every call.


You will know His answer when you hear it, because it will always be some form of peace.


His Word heals all pain; all misery is replaced with joy as your prison door from this world opens.


And you will come here no more.  


You will have resurrected with Christ, having called upon His Name proclaiming His Word using His holy Voice.  


God’s Name, His Word and His Voice are all one in the same: it is the truth of our Oneness in His Love.


And with your healing, all sin and separation will be remembered as merely a mistake, and then forgotten.


So peace be to you this season of rebirth and renewal.  You ARE a part of the holy Son of God.  


And peace to those who walk the world with you, for they are One with you in Him also.


Let the entire world be blessed with peace through your belief that this is true, and thus welcome Christ’s Second Coming through your newly healed mind.




~ Holy Spirit


*       *      *

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