You Are A Part Of The Holy Trinity.

Holy Spirit (HS):  Many of you bless one another in the name of God in a variety of ways, yet you do not fully understand how to truly extend such a blessing in My Name.  


ME:  Yes, I was raised Catholic and we would often make the sign of the cross and say; “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”  


So that is actually a form of blessing? 


HS:  Yes, anything given in My Name is a blessing.  And this blessing and all other forms it is given in God’s name, are extended with the thought that this power is somehow outside of you.  


You do not believe you are a part of it.


Within your mind, many of you see yourselves as mere distant observers of the Holy Trinity.  You think of Them as some sort of lofty, closed group of Beings that exist separate unto themselves, and yet are the Great One Overseer and Creator of All That Is.


You have never considered your own place among them.  


And I assure you, you ALL have a specific place within the Heart of God.


And yet, you wonder, how can a Being consist of three separate parts and yet be as One?  And how is it possible you are worthy enough to count yourself among them?


God the Father is the Creator of All That Is, and His Son is His Created.  


The Holy Spirit is the One Who unifies the Father with the Son – the Great Communicator between them.


Such is the holy Triune at One.


Your place then, is within God’s holy Son.  You seem to be many parts, but you are all one body in God’s Love.  You are each an integral and essential part of His holy Sonship.


And so, when you extend any blessing in the Name of God, you are including yourself within the power of the blessing – you are part of the holy Triune.


You also include everyone else, for they are one with you in God’s Sonship.


When you extend a blessing with this understanding, the blessing is truly given.  


And the healing power of Love is truly extended.  The door to working miracles is now open.


Yet, you all have forgotten your Identity as an essential part of the Body of Christ.


Instead, your mind is filled with things the ego has devised to keep you distracted from asking the only real question worth asking: “What am I doing this for?  What do I want to come of this?”


The answer you need to clarify is whether you want to follow the goals of the ego or the Holy Spirit within you – the Voice of your True Identity.


And the answer to the question will clarify why you are here.


The ego would have you chasing after solutions to problems that are unsolvable.


You are constantly doing battle with body impulses: eating too much, spending too much, engaging in too much conflict, or not getting enough exercise - to name a few.


These are all problems of the body, and when you engage with your ego in resisting or giving into temptation to fulfill them, you are chasing a nonessential goal.


You are chasing a body identity – an ego identity.


You never stop to ask where you can go for protection from all this chaos and strife.


Your ego would tell you to turn to it, yet you know that it cannot protect you for it is associated with the body and the body will one day die.


Your mind knows this deep down inside, and this produces an underlying uneasy anxiety for which you cannot identify a real cause.


The ego cannot answer the question, “To whom can I turn for protection?” because it knows the answer will obliterate the ego from your mind.


And so it obliterates the question from your mind in order to protect itself.


As replacement, it busies your mind with endless nonessential body problems.


During this time of year, many of you make resolutions to give much of this up, to start fresh and make a new beginning for yourself.  You want to get a handle on your life.


And I would ask you to walk away from all such nonsense altogether.


Body impulses all stem from the same problem: that you believe you are a body to begin with.


Such impulses will dissolve naturally and without any sacrifice or effort on your part once you identify with your proper Identity in God.


You are part of My One Son.  This is your Identity and nothing else.  Your true purpose here is to remember this in everyone you see or think of, and forgive him or her the body identities you currently see.


The world you currently see is constantly presenting you will opportunities to know your true purpose.


I state again, your true purpose in being here, is to forgive the world you see.  Forgive it, because it does not show you the truth of Who You Are within the Son of God.


It shows you a separate self, whose mood and actions can change with the wind.  


And when your mood is not joyous, you have chosen the wrong identity to believe in.


When this happens, simply remind yourself: “This is not so! I am healed and whole and complete. An essential part of God’s holy Sonship. The ego cannot prevail against the Truth of Who I Am.”


Whenever you feel sad, know that this mental state need not be because of Who You Are.


Whenever you feel anxious, know that this mental state need not be, because of Who You Are.


Watch your mind for any temptation to believe otherwise.  Your Truth is far beyond it.


And as you embrace the habit of watching your thoughts and engaging with God instead of the ego, you will realize the peace you achieve is worth your consistent effort.


Being a part of the Holy Trinity is no small gift.  It is given to all, and eventually all will accept it in time.


And once accepted, you will know eternity instead of time.


You will understand you are timeless, ageless and forever Mine in Love and Light.


This realization will be your lasting joy.


The ego would not have you invest your beliefs in the eternal, because it knows the eternal comes from God.  And eternalness is the one thing the ego has tried and failed to achieve. 


And so, it would distract you from asking what the world is for, lest you figure out it contains nothing that you truly want.  


The ego will busy your mind and body with endless nonessential errands and unimportant problems that are neither here nor there.


It is all a diversion from the Thoughts of God, and you must try to remember to emerge from it by asking, “What is it for?”  


What is the purpose of all this?


And you will always hear an answer that will direct you to go back within.  Your purpose is to remember your place in God, and you will remember Him within through forgiveness of the world without.  


And with this remembrance you will be transformed.


Do not worry that your transformation does not happen now, tomorrow or the next day.  


This final step is of God Himself and only He knows when you are truly ready.


He will come and restore your mind to its proper place in the properly appointed time.


Until then, consider your importance to the world as you are now, and use your body as a holy communication device to bring peace to others through your knowledge of Who They Are in Him with you.


And as you embark upon the journey of awakening to the Truth of Who You Are, never forget to give each holy instant to God.


Place Him in charge, for it is only He you would follow.


And rest in quiet certainty, knowing that His direction will give you peace.


Let all your thoughts about the world be still, as you let it rest in quiet forgiveness - a stillness so deep and tranquil that the ego cannot prevail against it.  


For God is now in charge of your mind, by your own request. 


And in this quiet space, the Holy Spirit is free to speak to you, guiding you Home.


He speaks for God your Father and you, His holy Son.


Trust your way and all things to Him.


God IS.




And in all things that come to you, for seeming good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, simply say:


“And this too I shall forgive.  Yes Father, even this.”


Be you forever blessed in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.




~ Holy Spirit


*       *      *

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  361, 362, 363, 364, 365)