We Do Not Recognize Anyone We See.

Holy Spirit (HS):  You currently do not recognize anyone as you see him or her now.  Nor you see your true relationship with them.  


ME:  How so?


HS:  Currently you see all people as individual bodies.  True Sight is to recognize your brothers by recognizing only the Holy Spirit within them.  


Because of this problem with your sight, you must relearn how to “see” in order to see them correctly.


ME:  Okay, what does this entail?


HS:  If to see only the Holy Spirit in your brothers is the correct way to see them, then the Holy Spirit IS the idea of healing.


And since your vision is currently impaired, it is in need of healing.


This idea has never openly occurred to you.  You each think you can see just fine.  It has never occurred to any one of you that you’re seeing wrong.


How is your seeing healed?


Through sharing.


What is the one thing that can be shared without loss to the giver?




And not only is there no loss to the giver through the sharing of ideas, the ideas themselves increase through the sharing.


And since healing is an idea, all true healing is shared, and is therefore increased, as more people believe in the truth.


Therefore, by seeing only the Holy Spirit in your brethren, you are utilizing a new way of “seeing.”  You believe a new idea about him, and as you see him this way, this ideaincreasesbecause you are extending it to him.  

You are sharing it.  


This will happen whether or not he or she is aware of your new vision of them.  And Light will shine into them regardless of how they see themselves.


And because you are extending and sharing this idea to others, you will learn to recognize the Holy Spirit within yourself because you are one with them.


You will never see the Holy Spirit in yourself alone – this is because all others were created equal to you.


It is a mistake to look for the Holy Spirit only within yourself, because this returns your mind back to how the ego sees – yourself alone and separated from other bodies; perhaps even better than some, or more holy.


Ideas strengthen and increase as they are shared.  This much you know from your own experience.


The Holy Spirit has the appointed task of undoing all you see with your bodily eyes – eyes that only see what the ego made in the world around you.


Since the Holy Spirit is the Mediator between each of you and God, He holds the power to look beyond what you see now, to the light within others.


And so it is that the Holy Spirit within you simply reinterprets what the ego has made – it does not destroy it.  There is no conflict between God and the ego.


You cannot understand the light within you alone.  It can only be understood through seeing it first in another, because the idea must be first shared in order for you know you have it.


To know you have something is to be able to share it.  And once you have shared your light by seeing it in others, you have the light of understanding.


This is because your True Identity is in Light and “light” is to understand.  This what I meant by saying, “I am the light of the world.”


I light the minds of the world with the understanding of your rightful place in God’s holy Sonship.


You are not separated selves, living in fear, desperation, and suffering.


The vision of your Light frightens and confuses the ego because it is the opposite of what the ego is.

The ego is conflict, war and strain.  The Holy Spirit is peace.


Without conflict in any form, the ego knows it would dissipate and be no more.


The Holy Spirit counters the conflict of the ego, not with further battle, but by welcoming peace.


All your current relationships are derived from ego vision. You are aware only of your bodily relationships, but very few are aware of your spiritual relationship.


All souls are in relationship with Spirit.  All souls inherently love one another when not in bodies.


To see and know only your spiritual relationship is the goal I have set forth for each of you.  


Know that this was the final lesson I learned Myself, and because we are equals in God’s Love and Light, be sure you can learn it also.


You, who are a part of God, are at home only in His peace.  You will be unhappy as long as you see through the eyes of the ego.


And so the world becomes a teaching device used by the Holy Spirit to bring you home, rather than a place for suffering.


Let Him be your Interpreter of all you see.  In this way you allow yourself to become open to seeing through using True Vision.


And His only request is that you increase His Vision by sharing it – by seeing Him in all others – so that He may increase His Peace, His Joy, His Voice and His Presence in your awareness.  

~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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