How To Release Your Mind From The World

Holy Spirit (HS):  Your seeming needs in the world today have grown to burgeoning proportions compared to your ancestors.  As meaning and value is assigned to increasingly more things produced in the world, so too does your problem in attaining them.


ME:  Are You talking about needs beyond food, shelter and clothing?


HS:  Yes. The needs of the people have grown to include a great many things that burden you.  Instead of becoming less, needs have only grown with the advancement of technology.


Life has not truly become easier; your problems have only compounded.


ME:  I think You’re right.  


HS:  There is a quick door you can walk through to bring peace to your mind amongst all the chaos and information that floods your minds on a daily basis.


Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed or suffering from any form of fear, simply say this to yourself:


“Stop thinking about the world.”


It is your belief in the reality of the world around you that causes you to suffer.


Stop thinking about what causes you pain.


Stop thinking about a place that is not your real home and none of what you see is your True Identity.


I have said in the past that thoughts beget your reality.


If you want to escape this world, you must stop giving it your thoughts.


Nothing you see means anything.


This is because your true existence is not here.  


This world only means something to you, because you have assigned it meaning.  


Gold only has value because someone decided it did and a large majority of you agreed.  


Diamonds, technology and any other form in this world that has value to you – have all been given assigned social status and importance.


Do these things truly have value?  Are they real enough to remain with you even beyond this temporal existence?


If they were truly real – eternal – then such things would follow you on into your next level of existence.


That means that not even your very body has reality.  If it did, you would take it with you whence your time here was finished.


The beginning step in undoing the hold this world has on your mind, and it’s imagined needs and problems, is to simply admit that you currently do not understand anything you see.


Therefore, your thoughts about the world do not mean anything, because you do not understand anything you see.


And if the world is not what you think it is, and you are not seeing what you think you see, then you are never upset for the reason that you think.


You are upset by a reality you do not currently understand, nor is even the truth.


You are upset because you are trying to make an illusory world bend to the will of your ego, and it simply won’t comply.  


You are trying to make a false world, real.


And when this seems to fail, you become upset.


You are always upset by a world that is not truly there – it is not your real home or true reality.


The world you currently see is based only upon your past experiences, your past thoughts and your past ideas of what it should be.


This world is all you have ever known since the moment you opened your human eyes, and you have forgotten the world you could see before that moment.


And you mind is preoccupied with a world that grew out of false notions about Who You Are.


You see nothing as it exists in the present moment – you see nothing as it is now.


You think you have need of many things, and you must be surrounded by a multitude of varying objects and specific people in order to be happy.


But these things and people are merely part of an illusion of happiness stemming from a world formed out of erroneous thinking.


You do not need any specific object or person to be happy. You exist beyond such needs.  You already have and are Everything.  


Your thoughts about such things do not mean anything.  


They are thoughts that stem from a false reality, and therefore are also false thoughts.


They are essentially meaningless.


And meaningless thoughts will continue to show you a meaningless world.


And this world upset you because you cannot find meaning in it!   


It does nothing but engender fear, because you seem to have absolutely no control over outcomes.


Deep down, there is fear because it can all be lost at any time – and you think God has decided your painful fate.


God did not create this painful situation for you.  God can create only what is like Himself, because He cannot create what He does not have.


God is Love and therefore can create only what is both Love and loving.


God did not create anything outside of His Love.


But you can imagine that such a thing has happened, and now you must un-imagine it in order to correct your mind.


Your mind is very powerful, and your thoughts have made images that you do not like.


In truth, you have no neutral thoughts.  Your mind is ever creating.


Nothing you think is ever completely neutral.  It is either about this false reality, or the truth.


And none of you is alone in experiencing the effects of what you think.


And so, you must be determined to see the Truth.


Again, if you think you suffer, you have only to do this:


“Stop thinking about the world.”


Remind yourself you do not see God’s True Reality of Love and Light. 


Do this, and this thought alone will help release you from all the erroneous thinking you now believe.


Do this simple practice and you will be released from the pain and suffering of the world, and come to experience the joy, freedom and abundance that is God’s.


Let God’s Will be done on earth, and not your own.


~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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