How To Bravely Walk Past Our Inner Beast

Holy Spirit (HS):  Many of you are often uncertain as to what to do in the face of attack – in the face of what you think of as unjust or unfair treatment.


You do not know how to handle the attacks of other people’s egos, much less how to handle your own ego in response.


Here is one method of coping with such situations:


The ego can be compared to a vicious animal, waiting to attack anyone who threatens what it thinks it must protect.

What is your ego-beast protecting?


Your sense of self and your personal power.


If your sense of self is the body, anything anyone says or does will offend you and activate your own guarding ego-beast.  


This is because the body is seen as mortal and vulnerable to such attack.


If your sense of self is Spirit, then there is nothing anyone can say or do that will offend you; knowing you are protected by a power greater than any false ego you could ever imagine.


This is because the Holy Spirit within you is immortal and invulnerable to all forms of attack.  It cannot be harmed in any way.


All you must do in any situation where you find yourself having to choose between reacting with your ego or non-reacting through the Holy Spirit is to remember Who protects you truly.


The ego cannot protect you because it is nothing.  Being nothing, to activate it out of a need to protect yourself will only cause you fear.  


Fear, because you know deep down inside that you have chosen nothing to protect you.


So you must choose again.


Choose to react to all other egos – no matter how beastly, ferocious or fearful they may seem – with the peace of the Holy Spirit.


Then proceed to fearlessly walk past the snarling ego-beast of your would-be attacker and boldly imagine yourself embracing the divine within them.


Do this.


Envision yourself literally doing this.


And with this act of spiritual bravery you will have safely navigated the stormy waters of the small, separated ego-self and on into the calm placid waters of your Unified One Self.


Be certain of this: when peace overtakes you from such a miraculous act, you will have moved from time into eternity.


You will have quite literally shifted dimensions.


With this act of bravery, of Self-Loving, you will have loved another as God loves you.


And this choice transcends all ego-based feelings of unfair treatment, maladjustment of personality and feelings of inequity.


Your mind will be healed of all ego-based thinking on the earthly plane and be elevated into to the Spirit plane and healed.


You will then be living multi-dimensionally.


Part of you will be aware of this earthly plane and all its social problems, but another part of you will now be aware of My Eternal Love. 


This is the part of your mind you want to become dominant, erasing the ego altogether.  


This is the only part of your mind that is real.


Understand that you can bypass this earthly plane with this simple shift in thinking – an act of pure courage, spiritual bravery and love.


Remember that animals only attack out of fear.  They are not actually being courageous – an attacking animal is an animal defending what it thinks is under threat.  


It is afraid of loss of some kind.


So too is it with the ego.


It snarls because it is afraid of some kind of loss in association with its body identity.  


It attacks out of fear.


The most vicious animal is the animal most filled with fear.


And the most vicious ego is the ego most filled with fear.


Yet the ego cannot touch you, a Creation of God.


So walk boldly and fearlessly past any beast-like ego and embrace the divine within the other person.  


You can trust on My Word that My Divine Spark is there.


I ask only your trust in this, your trust in the unseen Truth.


Know also that it is not necessary for you to say anything to the other person once you have done this, unless your own Inner Guide inspires you to do so.


Remain silent and simply allow the other person to be as they are.


This healing is for you


It is only your own thoughts that you should ever worry about correcting. 


Leave the healing of the other person up to Me.  They are not your responsibility, and unless you are guided by My peace to address them, remain silent.


Remain at peace.


This should be no hardship for you if you have effectively walked past their snarling beast-ego and embraced their Divine Self.


Remember that you both have an animal-ego “protecting” you.  


Yet it protects you not, for you are both complete and whole and need no protection, for there is nothing outside of you to protect.  


The Truth is, you are both One in God.  And what is One leaves nothing outside itself against which it needs defense.


The animal-ego is attacking nothing but imagined sounds on the wind.  


And so I ask that you do the same exercise with yourself.


Imagine walking past your own animal-ego – that part of your mind, which holds grievances against others – that part of your mind that becomes angry, afraid, depressed, imposed upon and anxious about the future.


Walk past any and all sense of conflict.  The vicious animal cannot hurt you.  Its fear is imagined.


And with a loving act of courage, embrace the Divine within yourself; knowing your Love and Light is the truth of Who You Are.


You are not the snarling beast standing out front thinking it must defend itself against the world.


You are a precious child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which He created as part of Himself.


Then rest in peace and love and light dear Child, for you are loved beyond words.  


Let your beast go to sleep now forever, for you no longer need it.


You are eternally safe under My Divine care and protection and will remain so forever for there is no end to My Love for you.


You are truly invulnerable.


~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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