How Do We Get To God’s Kingdom?

Holy Spirit (HS):  You do not understand that havingand beingmeans the same thing. You also do not fully understand what it means when you hear the words, “God’s Kingdom is within you.”


Both of these sentences are saying the exact same thing.


ME:  Well it sounds as though Your Kingdom should be a pretty easy place to find since You say it’s what we are, and what we have, and it’s all literally within us.  


Yet, how do we access it? I know this world isn’t it, but I don’t exactly see Your Kingdom very near at hand.


I have read in A Course In Miracles, “To be in the Kingdom is merely to focus your full attention on it.”  (ACIM pg.117 CH.7 IV.4.1)


What exactly are we supposed to focus our attention on?


HS:  The kingdom of the ego focuses on conflict – any thoughts that cause you discomfort are based upon the world of the ego.


You who live in such a war-zone must learn how to look for brothers to unite with you – in peace and as your equal.


The ego sees separation and inequality.  It sees you as better or worse than other human beings.


The Holy Spirit – Who is always vigilant for God’s Kingdom – sees only equal souls who are in need of peaceful respite from the agony of living in the ego’s world.


And so, you ask what it is you are looking for when searching for God’s Kingdom?


Let Me answer you by making one small change to the quote you shared above:


To be in the Kingdom is merely to focus your full attention on peace.


That’s it.


This is the only thing you areand the only thing you have, and the door to discovering it is within you.


Why do you want to do this?  Why be vigilant only for thoughts of peace?  What is the advantage in living this way?


Because whence you enter God’s Kingdom through shifting your thoughts into peace, you are operating your life through the laws of God and not the ego.


This opens up your life to a whole new world, with completely different outcomes to problems you never thought possible.


But such a world needs your invitation.


Therefore, seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, because that is the only place where God can operate truly in your life without any hindrance from your ego.


By awakening your mind to the Kingdom through choosing to rest in peace rather than conflict, you will remember what you are and the power that you hold.


Remember, you are not at the mercy of the world.  


The world is at the mercy of you.  


And how you choose to live in it is determined by what thoughts you hold.


So whenever you find yourself saying an inner “no” to even the smallest of “disagreeable” circumstances, the tiniest irritations; quickly search your mind for the Kingdom of God.  


Quickly revert your thoughts and choose peace instead – transform the thought into an inner “yes.” 


Do this in response to every thought about your fellow brothers in Christ and you will be inviting all creation to be a guest alongside you within the Kingdom – which is within you


And you will never feel alone again.


Leave no one outside the Kingdom – leave no one outside your peace.


Be at peace in all you think and do, and you will always safely rest in God’s Kingdom where you will live protected from all harm and anxiety.


Miracles will then become commonplace.


Seek for nothing else, because there isnothing else.


God is All in all – therefore, welcome Him always through your peace with all creation.


In order to have, you must give all to all.  So by giving only your thoughts of peace to all creation, you give all to all.


And you must teach peace in order to learn you have it.  So by giving peace, you learn that having and being is the same thing.


So be vigilant over your thoughts.  Be vigilant only for thoughts of peace because peace is the doorway through which you enter God’s Kingdom.


Focus all your attention only on thoughts of peace with the same intensity that you focus your thoughts on conflict, and conflict will disappear from your life; for you will have entered the Kingdom of Heaven and left conflict far behind.


For I have indeed placed My Kingdom within you and I have not made it difficult for you to find.

~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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