Knowing The Difference Between Imprisonment And Freedom

Holy Spirit (HS):  Many of you are unaware of when you are imprisoned and when you are free.


Each of you contains two teachers within, two voices from which to choose to listen to: one is false and one is real.


One teacher knows nothing.


The other Teacher knows what your true reality and true identity is.


Your only job is to consistently choose to listen to the correct Teacher.


Knowing when you are imprisoned by the false one and free in the true one is crucial to making this decision in listening.  


For choosing the correct Teacher is what brings you peace.


In order to make the correct choice, the obstacles to learning must be removed.


That is the purpose of all learning here in this reality. Learning to remove the obstacles to your peace of mind.


The first obstacle to be removed is to understand that the ego knows nothing.


Do not listen to it.


It does not know who you are, yet it will give you a million different and sometimes conflicting, definitions.  


It will also assign you a million different responsibilities in relation to those definitions.


This produces endless anxiety and pressure on you.  It produces confusion and depression, because it also assigns such definitions to others in relation to you.


And if you each fail in fulfilling your assigned identities to one another, your egos become upset.


The ego is only an expert on confusion and upsetting the mind – therefore disturbing your peace.


The good news in this scenario is that you cannot totally cease to hear the Holy Spirit within you.


You may think you do not hear Him at all.  You may think there are those who can hear Him quite clearly and you are not one of those people.


And I would tell you, you are wrong.


Everyonecan hear Me.


It is quite impossible not to.


For if you could not hear My Voice, you would cease to exist.


It is My Voice, which is Love Itself, which sustains you.  


And the evidence that you canand dohear Me, is that you are able to make the choice to listen to Me to begin with – put simply, you exist.


The only problem is that many of you are often unaware of when I am speaking to you.


So it is your awareness that we must work on.


Be aware, that when you are not at peace, you are surely listening to the ego, which knows nothing.


What is your basis for choosing a teacher such as this?


It only makes sense to totally disregard anything it says, based upon your experience of loss of peace.  


Is this a teacher worthy of an ascending Son of God?  




The ego has never given you a peaceful answer to anything.  It thinks only of ways to attack and counter-attack.  It thinks only about how to take and never how to give.


The ego seeks only to imprison you.


Yet when your peace is lost, you do not see this as imprisonment.


You see it as a form of freedom to do whatever your ego wants to the other person.


Yet this will only bring you further loss of peace.


It is the opposite of freedom.


The ego would hold you hostage to your suffering, because it does not want you to know you have free will to choose against it.


It is never God Who coerces you into choosing against the ego; the ego itself simply becomes an undesirable teacher.


This is the basis for the undoing of everything the ego would teach you.


Because to choose against the ego means you have made the only other choice available to you: you have chosen peace instead of war.


The choice for peace is the true choice for freedom from all pain and suffering.


And making this choice means you have learned the difference between imprisonment and freedom.


The ego is a harsh and cruel jailer.  It makes no allowances for freedom to feel joy.


Yet you are only held imprisoned by your own choice to follow the guidance of the ego.  In this sense, you are the only one torturing yourself.


The Holy Spirit teaches only one thing in one direction, with one goal in mind.


He teaches freedom through offering only peace, and peace is the doorway to knowing God.  


Returning your mind to God through choosing peace is God’s Will for you.


God is without limit and is therefore the ultimate expression of freedom.


You, who are part of God, share in this freedom.


When you believe you must attack or defend yourself, you are limiting yourself by believing in what the ego says about you – you are imprisoned within a limited self-perception.


Yet God has created all things in His Love, and thus encompasses all things by making them a part of Himself.


It was His Will that you be created.  Therefore you are a part of Him Who is all power and glory and also as unlimited as He is.


This is freedom.


The ego would restrict your self-perception to that of a mere body – a vulnerable thing that has a beginning and an end.


It imprisons you with such a self-perception.


Claim your freedom then, and do not react to the body at all when it upsets you.


Forgive it its limits and frailties.


What can you expect from the ego but what is weak and corruptible?


Choose again.


Choose to recognize God’s Kingdom in one another and you choose to listen to the Voice of Truth.


And because you are all connected by the grace and love of God, you can all heal one another by doing this.


Awakening comes easily to the mind that has accepted its Divine heritage in God.  


And when a mind awakens to this truth, it awakens other minds through its own recognition – because it is the recognition of your kinship with everyone.


And so awakening then spreads easily and happily through God’s Kingdom in answer to His Call to each of you.


You each are called to awaken one another through recognizing yourself within them.


And so, your natural response to every person everywhere becomes peace.


As you extend your peace, God’s peace is given throughout the Kingdom and when you do this, you are giving Him praise and thanksgiving.


Let this be so in all you do.


~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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