How To Correct The Ego In Yourself And Others

Holy Spirit (HS):  Often many of you feel you must take it upon yourselves to make corrections to other people’s errors in thinking.


By this I mean, spiritual thinking.  You tend to see yourself as right and the other person as wrong.


But I tell you this: no one can seek to correct the error in another without also being in error of themselves.


For only the ego seeks to correct other egos.


I ask that you be alert to your own thinking in error, but this does not mean you should be alert to the error in other’s thinking.


The Holy Spirit within you does not seek that kind of vigilance.


The ego would say that to point out the error in another is a way of “helping” them.  This kind of “help” makes perfect sense to the ego.  


But, if the correction of error is to give up the thinking of the ego, then you cannot use the ego to make such corrections or you will violate the very rule of true correction.


Your brother may be making absolutely no sense to you.  His thinking may be entirely way off base and completely opposite to the truth.


How do you deal with such error?


You correct it, by seeing only the truth in him – and the truth in him is Me, the Holy Spirit.  And My Answer is always right for it answers all error with One Correction.


I am the only thing that is true about your brothers and sisters. I am the only thing about them that is real and eternal.  All else is a false identity.


To correct their false identity, you do not say to him or her out loud, “I see your thinking about yourself is wrong – you think you are a body, and being a body you hold erroneous beliefs that go with it.”


Rather, you should silently let him go on about his business, his thoughts and his ways and within your own mind you correct him on another level.


You correct him in the dimension of Spirit, where his True Self abides, for this is where his error begins.


In order to do this, you must first correct your own thought about Who He Is.  


Know that his ego will always be wrong, no matter what it says or does.


But do not point this out, for you will be doing so through your own ego.  You will be seeing his false self and making it real by saying his errors have a real affect on you.


The Holy Spirit within you does not see such errors to begin with. It sees only the Light of Spirit within him.


And since what the ego thinks is entirely based upon error and such error is meaningless, then know that whatever the ego says or does is completely meaningless and not worth your bother.  


It is a waste of your time and energy.


When you react to someone’s ego, you are not listening to the Holy Spirit within you.


For the Holy Spirit would merely disregard such errors in thinking and behavior.


The only true correction possible in such circumstances is the relinquishment of error in yourself and seeking the counsel of the Holy Spirit instead.


This is the only way to heal an insane brother.


You must seek to heal him only through seeing the sanity in him, and the only sanity within him is the Holy Spirit.


In this sense, you bothcarry the truth of your Being within you and it is only this that you should look to in all interactions with others.


Overlook all else because it is not even worth your time and energy.


Let people act as foolish as they may.


This has no bearing or affect on the Truth within either of you.


For your brother’s errors are no more a permanent part of him, than yours are of you.


If you accept the error of a false bodily identity in anyone, you are attacking the truth of your Light in both of you – for you cannot be both a body and the Light.


One or the other is a false identity.


And so it is, that the Holy Spirit within you forgives all trespasses in you both.


As you forgive the body of another, you forgive it of yourself.


All other forms of correction are simply the arrogance of the ego.


Correction can only be of God, Who could never see you from a place of arrogance.


Do not undertake to do the work of God.  You are unqualified to judge what you do not understand, nor see in truth.


God gave you the function of loving all people as He loves them – by loving only what is eternal within them.  


This is something that you do not need to learn, but you do need to remember.


Give all else to God and in that open space within your mind He will teach you how to look upon all things without condemnation and thus all errors will be forgiven, for the world you see will no longer be real to you.


And with that realization comes total healing and awakening. 

~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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