How To Claim The Strength Of God And End Suffering

 Holy Spirit (HS):  Many of you are now actively seeking God.  You are searching for release from suffering and you willingly want to awaken. You seek enlightenment, but still, it eludes you and you don’t understand why.


ME:  Yes, I completely agree with that statement.  It feels like we’re all just chasing our tails here.


HS:  Here is the reason why: Reality, or the Truth, can come only to the unclouded mind.  


You feel like you are chasing your tails, because you are.


The truth, enlightenment, awakening, Reality – whatever name you want give to finding your release from all forms of suffering – is always there. 


It is right in front of you, but you do not see it and so you do not know how to claim it.


It must simply be accepted and that is all.  There is nothing else you must do.


But your ego would make this simple task the most difficult thing in the world, because to achieve it would mean the world would no longer exist as you know it now.


The ego does not want to cease to exist, and so it sets up endless distractions for you in the world in order that you do not ever look past it.


The ego wants you trapped in seemingly unsolvable problems.


The problems of the world will continually elude your solving; problems that you still feel you have control over or things you could achieve if only you were given more time, more money, more experience, better health or the right partner.


This is an attempt in futility.


This is the endless circle the ego would have you run in, chasing your tail all the way to the end of time.


Yet the end of time is exactly our goal, for it also means the end of the ego and the end of your suffering and striving.


Cease to attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable.


This striving to be what you are not is the cause of all your sickness – both physical and mental.


You are NOT a physical body, though you appear to be one, living in a very physical world.


This reality is not the truth.


You are currently living a dream, an illusion of being a body living in a physical world.  


This situation was set up long ago by your mistaken choice to be something you are not, for reasons you forgot the instant you made the choice to begin with.


And now it is time to correct this mistaken choice – for you did not know you would suffer so.


The truth is, you are perfect.


There is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing wrong with your life.


You do not see this, because the truth lies hidden behind your endless problems.


In fact, just reading these words causes you discomfort.  The words “You are perfect, healed, happy and free” causes you great inner protest against them.


Your mind instantly races to the reasons why this cannot be true.


And I am here to tell you: stop listening to that small tiny ego-voice.  


It lies to you.


Yet initially, you will say that I am the one telling the untruths.


This thinking is the block to your awakening.


This is the reason you cannot seem to rise above your suffering and heal your mind once and for all.


Your mind is clouded by the thoughts of the ego.


And the ego wants to keep you sick so that you believe wholeheartedly in sickness.


The way to heal your mind and dissolve the ego’s voice is to cease to believe in what it says.


Knowledge cannot dawn on a mind full of illusions, because truth and illusions are irreconcilable.  


Truth is whole, and cannot be known by a mind divided against it.


And so you must not perceive sickness in anyone else either.


You must look past the illusion of their body – whatever way they seem to be abusing it or using it to abuse you.


You must look to the spark of Divine Light within them and trust that It is there.


In some, only a very small spark remains, for their ego has so covered it in darkness one could scarcely believe there is any good left in them at all.


Be not dismayed by such a sight, for I have sent them to you for their healing.


You heal them, by not believing in the darkness and holding your faith in only the Truth about them.


This spark is My strength that I have placed in each of you.


And because you carry My strength, you are also strong enough to extend Me to another and heal them.


This is because all minds are joined through My Love and strength. 


And herein lies the miracle of your awakening and enlightenment.


The miracle is the act of a Son of God who has laid aside all false gods – all false beliefs in what is not true about you – and sees only the true in his brothers.


This way of “seeing” is the call of God within you, reaching out to other minds.


You extend God to one another when you decided to see only the truth about them – their Divine Light – even if it is only a miniscule spark at the moment.


This is an act of faith, because it is the recognition that your brothers can become more than they currently think they are.


It is the call of the Holy Spirit within their mind to awaken them.


And this call is strengthened by your joining God in seeing them as He does.


This spark can never go entirely out.


It is the eternal part of each of you that will never die.  It is God’s gift of Love and He never reclaims what He gives.


Put all your faith in It, for God Himself stands strong behind you, beside you and within you as you work His miracles on earth for the good of all His Creation.


And such work will un-cloud your mind and awaken you, releasing you from all fear, anxiety, worry and suffering.


You will then know the strength of God is real and it is yours now and forever.


You will then truly become a miracle worker.

~ Holy Spirit

*       *      *

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