How To Live Without A Care In The World

 Holy Spirit (HS):  Today we are going to do something different.  We are going to explore what it would feel like if you had no worries at all in the world.


We are going to do a meditation together to achieve this.


ME:  That sounds wonderful.  I can’t imagine what having no worries would even feel like.


HS:  To do this, I will need to bring your mind into My Center first.  We will need to align your thoughts with Mine for a moment so as to lay your ego to rest in order that you can move past it and into Me.


ME:  Okay! I’m all ears.  Lets go.


HS:  Before we begin our meditation, I want to make a few things crystal clear.  


You bring your peace with you wherever you go.


Making changes your outer circumstances does not change your inner state of peace.


It is only by changing your inner state of mind that you are able to make changes to your state of peace.


Change from without, does not automatically bring peace to you within.


In fact, such changes usually only cause further anxiety.


All change must first come from your own thinking in order to be successful in attaining inner peace and joy.


Wishing your outer life were different will never bring you deep satisfaction and total happiness.  


And the purpose of our doing the following meditation is to enhance your ability to bring your peace with you wherever you go – especially during times of stress and anxiety.


You do not overcome turmoil by avoiding it or running away from it.


You heal it through making an inner shift exactly wherever you find yourself.


And so, let us begin making this shift.  There is no need to feel discomfort for a moment longer.


Sit quietly.


Let your mind come to rest on the thought that peace is a part of you.


To experience peace, you need to only meet it where it is.


To do this now, simply allow yourself to embrace any situation that is bothering you.  Embrace it in your mind with peace.


Open yourself to what your ego would see as vulnerability.


Let down your guard, your defenses and your inner resistance.


Let yourself feel what it would be like to simply let the situation have its own way without any interference from you at all.


Let the terrors wash over you.  Let the “enemy” come.  Do not resist “what is.”


Now, I want you to notice that this will actually bring you a sense of relief to finally have your worst nightmares over and done with.


And you are still here, sitting comfortably, breathing in and out.


Realize that no matter what happens outside of you, you are actually quite invulnerable.


In fact, you are so powerful in your peace and quiet center that you learn there is no limit to where you are.


Your peace is everywhere.


It cannot be dissolved or contained.


It envelops everything around you, quietly laying all concerns to rest.


Now, you may be reading these words and thinking to yourself, “No. That has not happened to me.  I’m still not feeling at peace.  My heart is still hurting and my stomach is still clenched with anxiety.”


If this is you, then let us go deeper into this process of undoing your fears, for I would not leave you comfortless or abandon you.


Consider for a moment, that nothing you see is the truth.


The world as you know it, is not your real home.


And nothing it contains means anything because it is not the truth of your reality.


Feel what it would be like to not believe in the world around you – to wake up from the nightmare and find out it was never real.


You should feel a measure of relief in this thought.


Now take comfort in knowing it is indeed the truth.


In fact, the world you see is an illusion, covering a greater truth that your ego cannot conceive of and never wishes for you to see.


All that you currently look upon in the world only exists because you believe it does.


This is not vision.  It is denial of your True Reality.


It is the wish to live in a place different from where you exist in eternity.


To undo this wish, allow yourself to understand that you do not understand anything you see, because you are not really seeing anything real.


And all your thoughts about what you see are based upon untruth.


Therefore, all your thoughts about the world do not mean anything.


Feel the freedom of letting go of your own ideas about the world and what you think it is and what you think it should be to you.


Let go of all your feelings of upset and disturbance regarding anything in your life.


Let go of it all, because this is not your real life.


All your anxiety and depression comes from wishing it were– and trying to change it to your liking.


Stop this insanity now.  Stop resisting the truth of your peaceful reality in God by forcing a world of turmoil to cover it.


Sink past all this nonsense, all this wasted energy on what does not serve to meet your needs and what keeps your heart from feeling at peace.


Let the world go.


Cease to think about it for just a moment.


Be willing to let it all go in a blanket of forgiveness.


Now… Let your mind come to Me.


And I will give you rest.


And you will be healed of all pain and suffering because you have now chosen to allow Me to heal you.


This is what you truly want.


Unite with Me.  Unite with My peace.  And when you do this, you unite with God’s Will for you and there is nothing that can oppose the power of your combined Will with God’s.


Healing is simply a lesson in understanding.  


And the more you practice your new understanding of this type of thinking – thoughts of letting the world go in a blanket of forgiveness – the more you will move into God’s Kingdom with perfect ease and clarity.


This willingness to let the world go in peace opens your ears to the Voice of the Holy Spirit within each of you.


And then I am able to take you far beyond the healing you desire.


What is there we cannot do together?


For once you are no longer hostage to your ego, you are free to determine who leads you through this world and how long your mind remains trapped in it.


It all depends on how you see the world to begin with.


Real freedom and total peace depends upon your welcoming My Reality and following Me as your only Guide.


Never forget then Who abides within you.


Recognize that your peace is always with you and do not be satisfied with imaginary comforts, for all things in this world will pass away in time.


The Eternal Comforter of God is in you now.


Rest with Him.  Be at peace in His Embrace as often as possible and you will hasten the time of your release from what is not real.


Know that I will never rest in My call to each of you to come Home to Me until you all rest in Me.


Until then, walk the world without a care in the world, because your cares all rest in Me.

~ Holy Spirit 

*       *      * 

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