What Is The One Reason We Are Each Here?

Holy Spirit (HS):  You are each here for a very specific reason, and the reason is the same for all of you.


You are here to overcome the ego.


You are not here to live a comfortable life, earn enormous amounts of money, find the love of your life, or even to have children; although for some of you, some of those experiences may become part of your process in letting go of the ego. 


And when you hear that your only job is to let go of the ego, your ego instantly rises in attack within your mind.


The ego inherently resists the very idea that it has no purpose at all, and neither does anything it is associated with.


You do not realize this is even happening.


You may think something along the lines of: “Yes!  I would love to overcome my ego.  I am working on it right now.  In fact, I am saying to myself – Be gone ego!  I do not want you!  Get out of my mind and my life!”


And then nothing happens.  


You still feel the same, your ego is still in place and you have essentially accomplished nothing but increasing your own guilt over still not having overcome your ego.


Rather than attempting to attack your ego directly through whatever you perceive as some form of “banishment” from your mind, I suggest you try My approach.


My approach is to not attack the ego in any way at all.


I resurrected through My triumph over the ego, and this was not done through attacking it in any way.


I overcame the ego through transcendence.


I rose above the ego and its entire works and ascended to our Father and the Kingdom of Heaven.


How was this done?


Listen to these next words very carefully:


I understand it is impossible for you to NOT believe in what you see.  However, it is equally as impossible to see something you do not believe in.


In order to overcome the ego and rise above it, you must change what you believe is real.


And then, and only then, once such beliefs become fixed and consistent within your mind will the real world arise before your eyes.


Heaven will then replace the hellish world of the ego you currently see now.


Heaven exists in a vibrational reality just beyond your current perception.  It is so close to you now, you would scarce believe it, and yet it is your belief in scarcity we are aiming to correct.


Blessed are you who believe without seeing, for you will triumph over the ego with greatest ease.


What are the beliefs you must change in order to see the truth of Heaven all around you?


First answer Me these questions:


Can you see past your separateness from your brothers?  Would you look upon them with sincere love and kindness, as though you looked upon yourself?  


Can you forgive all that the ego shows you about them?  Would you set them free and transcend their trespasses against you in order that you are both freed?


And through your release of them comes your own.


Your vision will then be transformed as your belief shifts from separation to Oneness with your fellow brothers in Me.


This is how I transcended the ego and overcame the world.


This is how the world is transformed through the power of true forgiveness.


Do not believe you are separate from one another, and your ego will disappear for its existence depends on your belief you are isolated and alone in the world.


And as you make this shift permanent in your mind; as this thinking solidifies into firm and true belief; your experiences within the world will shift also.


At first, things may seem to become more difficult for you as the ego throws out its last ditch efforts to keep your mind imprisoned in its pain and misery.


But forbear through this trying time and know that as you learn to use My grace to swiftly lay down all trials and tribulations with My peace, you will come to know your own.


In God, all things are possible.


And God has given of Himself to you, that you may be like Him in power and authority over all you see and experience as your reality.


Therefore, be determined to see things differently.  Let all suffering become a witness to the Light of Heaven rather than an illusion of hell.


This world is hardly a representation of what God wants for you.


Your salvation from this world comes from your unwillingness to participate in its degradation and sense of lack.


Forgive all such thoughts within your mind.


Know that we understand that you cannot help but have such thoughts, but you do not have to keep them


And yet, how can you know what thoughts are best to fill your mind with when you do not remember Who You Are?


Understand that you are here to awaken to this remembering.  


Your purpose here is to forgive the illusions of this reality and you are not the person the ego has led you to believe you are.


Let go of the frightening purpose the ego has given the world by withdrawing your belief in what it shows you.


And in this miraculous moment, you will learn the truth about it.


Heaven will then reign over all you see.

~ Holy Spirit

*       *      * 

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