What IS The Truth?

Holy Spirit (HS):  So many of you ask yourselves, “What IS the Truth?”  


And you have difficulty hearing and understanding the answer, because it is totally foreign to the ego; who never wants you to understand the Truth.


And so, your clouded minds obscure the very simple truth about the Truth.


To understand what is the truth, you must understand what motivates your interpretations of the world.


Have you not noticed that sometimes things upset you, and at other times, the very same things may happen – and yet you are NOT upset?


Why is this?  Why do your emotions swing so wildly on any given day, at any given moment, with any given situation?


It all comes down to your judgment, your interpretation of events and your decided reaction to them.


Thus far, you have been primarily using the ego to judge the world, and therefore, intentionally made all error real.  


Because you have been using the wrong guide, the truth remains completely obliterated from your mind.


What is error?


It is an error to believe that anyone or any living thing is separate from you.  


It is an error to believe that you are alone in the world and that perhaps God does not love you because He seems to allow you to suffer so.


It is an error to believe that such beliefs cannot be easily undone, healed and corrected.


The correction is simply this: Do not make such errors real in your own mind.


Do not believe them.


Do you see how this is only a small change in the process of your everyday thinking?


The same process you use to decide whether or not you will become upset today or not?


To undo error, you must not believe in it.  


Do not even try to understand the errors of the ego or try to correct them through using any other means than simply overlooking them.


This is as easy as deciding not to interpret anything you see, as you THINK you understand it.


For I tell you, you do not know the truth about anything you see.


You do not see the Love that binds you to all living things – the glorious and beautiful connection between yourself, the universe and God.


And so, because you do not see this connection, you often mistake those around you for your enemies and you attempt to attack them – always under the premise of self-defense – when in truth you are attacking only your One Self.


And because of this attack, you do not see or understand the truth about the organization of all living things and the Love and Light that is within you and surrounding you at all times.


Your vision will remain clouded until you decide to change your mind about what you see.


Understand, truth is real in and of itself and in order to know it, you do not have to do anything!


There is only one interpretation of reality that makes sense: only your loving thoughts are true, and only what is eternal is real.


To believe in only the eternal and loving aspect of any living thing, is to join God in His interpretation of the world.


His interpretation is the Truth.


Truth requires no effort on your part to be true, but you DO need to believe it is true in order for you to experience it.


All living things are naturally connected by the One Love of God, therefore you are continuously, unconsciously and quite naturally giving God’s Love to one another at all times.


When you forget your awareness of this ongoing natural process of giving and receiving God’s Love to one another, you suffer.


You have literally forgotten you natural state of mind.


This is the cause of every form of discomfort you experience.


And when you forget your natural state of mind, you literally feel out of your mind.


And this causes you to act insanely towards one another.


So how can you quickly heal and correct your insane thinking?


By remembering to respond to all people and situations with these words:


“Thank you for your Love.  Everything will be okay.”


Say this in your mind in direct response to any person or situation you feel discomfort towards.


Say it to people you think you already love.


Say it to people you feel no connection to whatsoever.  


Say it to people you despise.


It is the automatic correction for all error in all situations and brings your mind instantly into awareness of the full truth of your relationship to all living things.


You are all truly living in a constant state of Love.  


You are all breathing together in God’s Love and Light, bathed in His glory and grace.


You exchange it with one another just as lungs exchange air.


Yet you are all totally unaware of this Love exchange.


So even while you may be having an unpleasant experience with someone, they are simultaneously extending you God’s Love, though they are as unaware of this as they are unaware of their own breathing.


Acknowledge only the truth of your shared Love with them and do not acknowledge anything else they may be showing you.


They stand before you, loving you, and you automatically love them in exchange.


Thank them for this, despite what you may see and hear.


And know that despite the present circumstances, everything will be okay between you.


Love will eventually re-establish itself within your mind and memory.


Fear will be abolished and God will heal all things with His Love.


For anything that appears to be un-loving, is fear.


And all fear is a call for My Perfect Love to come rushing in to correct it and alleviate the discomfort.


You can invite Me to perform this healing, by bringing your own awareness to the truth: You both share an exchange of God’s Love between you, despite what you see and hear.


No other response is appropriate except the willingness to give this love to them, for this and only this is what they are asking for.


They already have Love, but are failing to recognize or feel it.


To uncover My Love, you must recognize all forms of attack as a call for help, and to failure to give help, is to refuse to help.


And since they are part of your One Self, you are refusing to help yourself.


Only full appreciation is an appropriate response to one another – full appreciation for the Love of God that lies between you – and that nothing but this Love is the truth about either of you.


Gratitude for this Love corrects all illusions and error in a holy instant.  


With the thought, “Thank you for your Love.  Everything will be okay,” you are choosing to see another through the Holy Spirit’s Vision and re-interpret your relationship to them.


Your relationship then becomes a holy relationship.


And all fear is then dispelled, for fear cannot exist where it has been denied admittance by God.


Thus does the Holy Spirit replace fear with His Love and translate error into truth.


And there is no describing the miracles that follow once you start to think the thoughts of God!


For His thoughts are only of His Love for you.


By remembering and earnestly believing these few words, “Thank you for your Love.  Everything will be okay,” you are joining the power of the universe and all creation.  


You unlock your joy and your true creative power to change the world you see, and heal it completely and forever.


You must understand however, though you can quite easily control your reactions behaviorally, it is your emotions that must become sincere.


You must be willing to fully embrace and believe in your connection to others through God’s Love, or the change of mind necessary to work miracles will not be complete.


Your mind will remain split between God and the ego.


Therefore, it is necessary that you learn to be quiet in the face of turmoil, for quietness is the end of your internal struggle against all errors and the beginning of your journey into peace and knowing the truth.


You are One Love.


And everything will be okay between Us.

~ Holy Spirit 

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