Your Function Here Is To Save The World

Holy Spirit (HS):  Many of you are still very unclear about the exact process of working miracles in the world.


ME:  I’ll agree wholeheartedly with that statement.  Yes we have no clue, because if we did, we’d all be working miracles.


HS:  Yet, I have stated this process clearly and plainly many times before, and still your egos put up such resistance, that even though you read the words, your mind still cannot accept them.


ME:  Correct. Often, we forget the truths we read or hear the instant our minds become distracted by something else.  Which only takes an instant.


HS:  Then I shall continue to repeat the process of working miracles to you until your ego has been sufficiently broken down in order to allow the full import of My words to sink in past it.


ME:  Excellent. Please do.


HS:  Let us begin with a review of what “atonement” means.


Once you understand what atonement is, you will be able to accept it, and acceptance of the atonement is the key to beginning to learn to work miracles.


The atonement is Our Oneness.  


It is to be “At One.”


To accept this you must hold awareness of such oneness in your mind – and nothing else.


If you accept your Oneness as the truth, then nothing else you see around you can be true because nothing you see around you has the appearance of Oneness.


All physical matter you see appears to exist in a separate state, though this is the farthest thing from the truth.


And your bodily eyes cannot register anything but this separation.


And so it is your understanding of the world around you that we need to change, and we can only do this through your thoughts about it.


Miracles are merely a demonstration that you have learned under My guidance and My guidance teaches you that what is currently invisible to your eyes is true.


You will know you have learned the atonement by the demonstration of miracles in your life.


And you have learned how to work miracles once you learn that they apply to all situations, people, and circumstances you find yourself in.


For there is no order of difficultly in miracles, and they must be applied to every aspect of the world, or you do not fully understand them – or the atonement.


By extending miracles to the world you currently see, you gain the real world and your perception will be whole and the Light of the Atonement will radiate from every living thing.


Every person God sends you for healing will literally shine with the light of your understanding of the truth of your relationship to one another.


It is the relationship of Oneness.


I am in them, and I am in you and together you must atone for whatever separation you seeing lying between us, which appears to be in the form of physical matter, time and space.


To “atone” for this mistake in seeing, you simply extend a miracle to all you currently see.


You extend a miracle to the world through your blessing of it.  


The world is not overcome through your attack, rejection or hatred of it.


You overcome such things with Perfect Love.


Yet, this too you do not understand how to extend.


Extending Perfect Love is quite simple, but it does require you to pay attention and give your full willingness in order for you to apply it.


There are many ways to extend it.


I gave you one way in the form of a memorable phrase in last message before this one.  


I would now like to modify that phrase ever so slightly and ask that you remember to extend the healing of miracles through simply saying this to yourself as often as you can throughout each waking moment:


Thank you for your Love.

Peace be with you.


Why and how does such a phrase extend a miracle?


What does it have to do with understanding and accepting the Atonement?


Always, you are grateful for your Oneness in My Love, and always, first and foremost you should be grateful for My Love in everyone I send you.


Stating then “Peace be with you” invites us to come closer together and lay down all barriers that lie between us in this illusion.


In truth, there is nothing between us but My Love.


And when all barriers are laid down through acknowledging ONLY My Love, peace will enter and release your mind from everything that is false.


To understand this is to understand the Atonement.


To do this, is to offer the world miracles of healing and transformation.


When you want only love, you will see nothing else.


You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite into your perceptionthrough your thoughts.


And you believe in what you have manifested.


There are two ways of looking at the world: through the eyes of separation or Oneness.


When you look for Me, you will see Me.  I come where I am invited.


If you see your Oneness by inviting Me through gratitude for My Love and blessing Me with your peace, then you will look upon Me.


Again, you do this by fully engaging with the illusion all around you and looking straight past it with these forgiving words:


Thank you for your Love.

Peace be with you.


And you will know you have succeeded in your understanding of these words and accepted the Atonement by the results these words bring you.


The power of your decision to do this is your one remaining freedom the ego cannot take away from you.


Reality is as you have made it, only seems real because of your belief in it.


I will not interfere with what you wish to believe is true by undoing it against your wishes.


Therefore, in order for Me to help you, you must change what you wish.


Currently, many of you are afraid of Me because you think I have decided you should suffer in a world filled with madness.


Yet you could see the peace of Heaven and My eternal reality for you; which is the loveliest of all things imaginable, if you would only wholeheartedly want to look upon it.


You choose this when you choose to look upon My Love instead of the illusion you currently see.


When you look within and see Me, it will be because you have at last decided for truth and accepted your function here as a bringer of peace.


And as you extend peace, you will find peace for you will be consciously choosing to make it manifest through the miracle of your peaceful thoughts.


Thank the world for My Love.


Be thankful that only My Love is your true reality and apply this gratitude to every person, situation and circumstance you find yourself in and My Love will become manifest.


Remember always then, when you look outside yourself and react negatively towards anything you see, you are looking negatively upon US.


For I state again, I am in all things and I am in you.


We are both in this world together.


If you wish for our destruction, then pain and suffering will be your experience.


Therefore, never forget your function is forgiveness of the world through accepting only the loving as true.


The ego will try to be a traitor to you and convince you otherwise.


When you fall into temptation by letting your thoughts fall into a state of suffering and guilt, remember this:  I did not die on the cross.  I resurrected.  


The ego has no power or control over you no matter how it appears to you in the world of form and matter.


When you learn to make Me manifest, you will never suffer at the hands of the ego again.


You will have resurrected beyond it through your understanding of the Atonement.


And you will look out upon a world transformed by your miracles.


Such is your function here.


And you will not rest or be happy until you have fulfilled your function of forgiveness.


You forgive by accepting only the Love between us as true, and blessing us with your peace.


Therefore, never forget to apply these words to all people, situations and circumstances:


Thank you for your Love.

Peace be with you.

~ Holy Spirit

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