The One Thing Holding You Back From Awakening

Holy Spirit (HS):  There is only one thing holding your awareness back from awakening.


It is the only thing you have forgotten – a tiny belief you chose to give up in exchange for the ego – and the remembrance of it will instantly awaken you to the truth.


This single belief lies buried, hidden, and unremembered in the darkest cornerstone of your mind, for the ego cannot obliterate from your mind what God has given you.


And it is only this: the mistaken belief you are a body.


This is the most closely hidden secret the ego holds.  


For this belief is your betrayal of God’s Son – the belief that you are NOT a part of God’s One Son, created in Unity with All That IS.


You may read these words and instantly deny that this is so, yet the evidence remains: here you are in a body, and so the choice must have been made by you to be in one.


God does nothing to you against your will, for that would deny you freedom of choice.


And so, by this decision – long forgotten – to attempt to exist in a form separate from all creation, your ego came into existence and the ego brought with it the desire to be the opposite as God created you.


God created you eternal.


The ego wants you to believe you are NOT eternal, and so a fictitious temporary body manifested from this belief as your new identity.  


A body that is NOT eternal, and through it, the ego has tried to condemn the Son of God to death.


However, your Identity as part of God’s Son cannot be overturned, erased or obliterated.


This would go against God’s Will for you to be eternal. 


And while God will never undo your true Identity in Him, He will allow you the illusionary experience of another identity if you so desire it.


He does this in order to honor your will.


Yet, you do not even know you are making this choice.


You do not even realize you are doing this for the ego has cleverly concealed it in your mind, hidden in the darkest recesses of your belief about yourself.


It must do this, or the illusion would not be complete and you would instantly awaken to the truth of Who You Are.


This truth is still there within your mind, because deep down you have a feeling there is more to yourself than meets the eye.


You can feel there is something wrong with the world and wrong with yourself.


You can sense the ego’s destructive urges towards others and yourself and you know it is insane.


You feel such destruction because deep down, you know you are not bodies.


You know you do not want to die, but have forgotten that death is impossible for you.


You know your fears are irrational but you do not know how to alleviate them except through feeling grievances towards other bodies and your own for what they say and do.


You can feel the ego’s destructive urge when you hold a grievance, because the body itself IS a grievance – against God.


You feel guilty about this.


You do not remember the source of your pain, but it is the pain of guilt for having attempted to leave God.


And deep down, you are angry you are here in this illusion to begin with.


And the ego allows you to misinterpret your feelings to the point that nothing short of the crucifixion of Christ will satisfy it.


The only thing the ego knows, is that it is afraid and alone in this world and wants to destroy God’s Son before God’s Son can destroy it.


The ego is destroyed through your rejection of it.


You reject the ego when you accept your innocence.


You are not guilty of leaving God, for God cannot be left.


The ego feels threatened by your discovery of your dark cornerstone: the thought that perhaps what you see in this world is not the truth – the thought that perhaps you are all innocent and have never truly been bodies at all.


Perhaps… you ARE as God created you.


Perhaps… you ARE Love and Light and God’s eternal joy.


To let go of the thought you are bodies, is to let go of your guilt and grievances against God and everyone else.


And the ego will become instantly filled with fear of its own imminent destruction.


Yet, it will not be destroyed, but merely gently transformed into Love.


Quietly move through your fears, for the ego will depart in peace, for only peace will come from the calm light of truth.


The truth is you do not truly want to crucify God’s Son; you want to know your love for Him.


The truth is, you have not committed any “sin,” though your ego would have you believe otherwise.


The ego would crucify God’s Son, if it could only find Him.


The ego tried to do this when God was manifest in human flesh 2000 years ago.


At this time, the ego thought, “Aha!  I have found God!  Now I can get my hands on Him at last and end the greatest threat to my existence!  I will crucify Him and end His life forever!”


And the reason it gave for attempting to do so was that it was blasphemy to remember you are the guiltless Son of God.


And because the ego sees God as the same as itself, murderous and self-seeking, its only recourse was to kill before being killed.


You always want to destroy what you think is different from yourself.


You attack one another indiscriminately, without knowing you ARE part of each other – you are attacking your Self and God’s Son.


And so, the crucifixion has become the symbol of the ego’s ultimate attack on God.


You attack and hold grievances against one another in the mad belief you are separate entities from one another – to the ego your differences are apparent in your bodily forms and beliefs.


Yet you have been told again and again that the truth shall set you free.


And the truth is, that none of these differences are real.


You each hold a single unified Identity in Christ, matchless and perfectly equal to one another in beauty, Light and Love.


And yet you act as though you want to escape the truth, deny it and disbelieve it and would rather remain imprisoned by the ego and continue with your attacks.


You dismiss the truth that you are as much God’s Son as Christ is, and choose instead to embrace your fragile body identity with all your might.


Your ego believes it is protecting you by denying the truth about your Identity in Christ.


Yet you are protecting the wrong identity.


The Atonement – the acceptance of your Sonship in God and Oneness with each other – is your release from the guilt of attempting to be the opposite of the truth.


You are not separate and alone – you do not want to believe in this identity.


You will not die if you give it up.


Do not take your fear of this lightly, for you DO believe you will die if you cease to believe you are a body.


In the presence of such truth, you may even turn on yourself out of such guilt for what you have believed thus far.


You may attempt to destroy yourself once you realize you cannot destroy God through holding grievances against Him in others.


My beautiful Child, do not fear death and do not fear My retaliation, for neither is true.


If you allow the light of truth to enter your mind, all the dark clouds of your thinking will leave you and your thoughts will become clear at last.


You will then remember Me and your Self.


This remembrance will come out of your Love for Me and everyone else – a love without fear.


And when this happens, all of Heaven will rejoice at your homecoming!


And you will share in such joy for you will have forgiven yourself and God at last.


The body is but your guilty reminder of your choice to try and live separate from God.


It is the means for forgetting your Oneness, for upon entering it all such memories are indeed forgotten.


To believe you are a body is literally a grievance against God.


And you are upset that the ego has condemned you to death in a body and so you feel helplessly trapped, with no one to turn to.


Your minds are split between what the ego says you are and Who God knows you to be.


Yet you think God has wished all of this upon you.


Little wonder you fear God, whom you believe has condemned you to suffer and die in a body.


For the ego would have you believe that God is defined by your own image.


The sooner you forgive this mistaken thought, the sooner you will find peace and remember Who You Are.


And so, would you not be willing to give up your grievances against God and one another – would you not be willing to give up your belief in a bodily identity – and thus establish peace with All Creation?


Perhaps you think this cannot be done.


That however, is a matter of motivation.


Do you prefer suffering or endless eternal joy?


Search your mind for all whom you despise – even if it seems as though you dislike them only a little and not all the time.


You will soon find there is no one who is perfect in the eyes of the ego and you cherish your grievances against them.


Now, instead, decide to embrace their Light as part of your own, for Love holds no grievances.


Cease to betray your One Self.


Awaken to the truth by laying all grievances aside and learn of your Sonship in God and your part in His greatest Love.


And with such acceptance is the darkest cornerstone of the ego’s thinking undone and you will be free at last.


When you find yourself imprisoned by suffering, simply say to yourself:


I am safe.

I am loved.

I have nothing to fear

For Love is always here.


And with this thought you banish the ego from your mind and truth is welcomed in its place.


For it is indeed the truth:


You are safe.

You are loved. 

You have nothing to fear

For I AM always here.


~ Holy Spirit