What Is God's Plan For You?

Holy Spirit (HS):  Your thoughts are your messengers; by thinking them, you send them out into the world to bring you more of what your mind focuses on.


Currently, the vast majority of you send out “thought messengers” that are based in fear, and so your future manifests more of what you do not want.


You spend a lot of time planning for your future, giving thought to it, worrying about it; trying to ensure the outcome you think you most desire.


But I tell you – none of the plans you have made will lead to your complete and total happiness, satisfaction or safety.


This is because you have forgotten what you most desire.


You have forgotten My Plan for you – one we both agreed upon at your creation.


You think My Plan lies outside of you – in some form the world can provide.


Yet My Plan is an eternal plan, and what form has the world provided that has ever lasted for eternity?


You have searched and strived for what you think will bring you salvation, and nothing in this world holds the power to bring it to you.


The only thing that has the power to heal your troubled mind is what I Will for you.


Therefore, the only thing you must do, is accept My Will.


You may say, “But God, I do not know what You Will for me.”


This is a most excellent place for your thinking to arrive at.


Your mind at this point is now open to receive what I Will for you, because you have created an empty space – a clean canvas on which My Will can be written.


No My precious one, you do not know what I Will for you, because you have forgotten it.


And so, when you feel yourself suffering at the hands of the world, simply say, 


“Father, let thy Will be done and not my own.”


Give all outcomes over to Me.


Let Me decide for you dear child.


For only I know what you truly want and need.


You do not.  


You do not know what is truth and so you cannot truthfully discern what you want.


Only I can remember what it is that will bring you everlasting peace and comfort and it is not found anywhere in the world outside of you.


The world you currently see is an illusion of darkness, and you wander through it lost in it like a dense fog.


You think it is real, with real effects on you.


The world you see embodies your darkest thoughts, your greatest fears – the “thought messengers” you have previously sent.


Let Me lead you through your darkest hours for I will not fail you and together we will navigate the mist and darkness together until we reach My Light at your most holy Center.


When your mind is gripped with uncertainty and anxiety, imagine that you take My Hand and together we walk through the fog and the darkness to My Light at the center of all things.


Let us join together in this Light, for it is here you truly abide.


This is My Will for you.  To join Me here in the Light within you.


This is My Plan for your salvation from this world.


Alone, you have made a good many other plans for your happiness, and so far, none of them have worked.


My Plan is for you is to give up all your own plans and join Me in what I Will for you.


You have searched in vain for salvation from your misery in many places, things, and people, but even as you attained them you found you were still unhappy.


You have been mistaken in where to look.


You have been mistaken in what your happiness is.


 And now, do not undertake anymore senseless seeking.


Cease all thoughts about what you want or need from the world, for it can give you nothing real – nothing eternal.


Only My plan for your salvation will work, and so rejoice my child for My plan cannot fail.


It will save you from all things that cause you to suffer now.


So when you find yourself preoccupied with thoughts of darkness, worry, anxiety or fear, know that these are not the “thought messengers” you would send out into the world – to bring you more of what you do not want.


Instead, cease all such thoughts and replace them with the thought that there is a better future for you – one that can be had now– here in the present moment, for miracles wait not on time.  They happen when you finally allow them to.


And so you must learn to anticipate the future with joyful hope!


It is a happy future unlike anything you can currently imagine – a state without fear, threat of loss or suffering of any kind.


Depend upon Me to give it to you, for by yourself you will not find it.


Cease to follow your own will alone, wandering in the dark world your mind has manifested.


For you are indeed surrounded by the manifestations of your darkest thoughts, therefore let Me see you through your own mind.


Come with Me into the Light at the heart of all things, beyond the darkness and fear this world holds.


Do not let this world stand between us, defiant and filled with fear and attack.


For if you do, then you exclude My joy from your holy mind.


Clear a holy altar for Me within your mind.


Make a clean space we can both share, and I will fill it with all that you think you need or want or have ever lost.


Bring all your illusions of pain and suffering to Me and I will transform them into majesty.


By doing so, you are bringing error to truth, and this is My Will for you.


Stand with Me in the Light and let go of all dark thoughts, knowing they serve you not.


My Will for you is to return your mind to Me, Who wants to hold you in the sacred Circle of Love and Light.


But you must call forth such Love, for It will not enter where It is not welcome.


Welcome My Love through laying thoughts of this world aside and entering into My Light within you.


Envision this, and I assure you – it will be no idle thought.


It will be truly happening in this dimension – the world of Heaven – here in your true reality.


When you replace your dark thoughts with thoughts of returning to My Light and Love, you thereby also send out the “thought messengers” of Light and Love to bring you a new and holy future.


And it is a future that I can assure you, you most certainly DO want.


But in order for My Will to be made manifest, you must not dwell on the past OR the future, but only on this holy shining present moment.


In this most holy present, we rest together in My Light and Love, quiet, serene, untroubled and at peace.


Focus on being here with Me and you will arrive.


For this is My Will for you - My Plan for you - and no ego can long oppose My Will.


~ Holy Spirit

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