The First Step In Knowing, Is To Admit You Don't Know

Holy Spirit (HS):  What you do not realize is that everything you currently see is already done and gone.


Time has already been healed and brought into the eternal, and all things within time have passed away.


You exist only here and now, in the eternal present moment, but you know it not.


Instead, you would rather look upon a false world, a world long gone and past – whose hurts can no longer touch you.


You only do this, because you cannot conceive any other reality is true for you.


You have forgotten what is the truth and what is false.


All of your suffering and pain can be undone now, in this holy instant, if you would but let it come.


Discomfort is the driving force and motivation for doing this, for if this world so appealed to you so totally that you were never willing to let it go, you would truly be trapped within it for all eternity.


I am here within you to ensure that will never happen.  In fact, it is quite impossible, given Who You Are.


The past is over.


You forgave everything long ago – there is no conflict between yourself and God and there is no conflict between you and anyone else.


You rest in peace.


This world ended the moment it began and you realized your mistake in thinking you could be separate from all creation.


And in that holy instant, you rescinded your decision and I healed your mind of all error and falsity.


All you must do now, is accept this event actually took place.


The world you currently see is the result of that mistaken decision played out moment by moment across time and space.


The world you currently see is what you taught yourself, not what I would have you learn.


And all you have to do to undo the past is let it all go.


Learn that nothing you see in the world outside you is the truth of your eternal reality.


Your reality rests with Me in total and complete peace and love.


It is to My peace that I would have you return.


And so, you must constantly remind yourself that you do not know what anything is, or means, and therefore you do not know how to respond to it.


By doing so, you open up your mind to Me, and I will answer for you.


Do not attempt to assume you know anything or how to fix what you think must be changed.


Only the ego thinks it knows and understands everything it sees in this world, but through your own experience, you have learned that this brings you endless pain and anxiety.


Anxiety about the future and depression over the past is what comes from listening to the ego.


It teaches you only of darkness.


Thus far, you have been listening to only your self – your small ego self – alone.


You who live in darkness cannot be your own teacher.


However, I have placed within you a Teacher Who knows.


The only way to dispel the ego from your mind and cease to follow its teachings is to replace it with the Voice of the Holy Spirit.


You do this through remembering you do NOT know anything about the truth of your reality or the people who populate it with you.


You do NOT know what anything means, its purpose, or its value to you.


And therefore, you cannot judge anything you currently see or anticipate experiencing.


With this thought, you step down as your own teacher and banish the ego from your mind.


And then peace will come into your heart and mind as the Holy Spirit takes His rightful place as your Teacher.


For in this holy instant, you will literally be stepping out of the world of time and into eternity.


But in order to hear Him, your mind must become very quiet, still, and at peace through stepping down as your own teacher; through remembering you cannot teach yourself because you do not know anything.


And in this silence you will come to understand the truth.


You are One Love, indivisible and whole, healed of all imperfection and falsities.


You are a radiant light, sent to the darkest recesses of an illusion in great need of your healing, light and love.


And only by acknowledging that you do not understand anything you currently see or what you have experienced thus far, will you open yourself up to your true potential as a Bringer of My Light.


You can only perform this function when your mind is in the present moment – this holy instant.


You must embrace peace, trust and have patience in all you think and do.


But if you want this peace to be yours consistently, if you want My Joy consistently, you must abandon all thoughts of attack upon My plan for your peace.


Everything and every “body” in the world outside of you represents what was made by the ego – it represents the original thought of separation – and so all of it represents an attack upon My plan for your peace.


There is no peace in separation, but only through union can peace be found.


Open your mind to My Light and Oneness in Me.


The Light has come.  It is here now, within you.


All you must do to unleash it is recognize It is already here and you share it with all creation – even the parts of it you despise and reject – the unforgivable parts.


Recognize this world is already undone and your choice to separate has been forgiven long ago.


You look upon what is no longer there.


You remember and hold onto experiences that are no longer there.


You are healed now, this holy instant.


With every thought you hold, you are choosing whether or not to believe this.


You are choosing between truth and illusion; what is real and what is false; True Reality or the world of the ego.


This world is darkness, for it impedes your vision of what is eternal and true.  


You must admit you cannot literally see My Light within all living things, people and surroundings, for if you could, you would feel only love towards all that surrounds you.


Therefore, you must consciously choose to see beyond what your bodily eyes show you to the light that dwells within all living things – the Light of Truth.


You are not under the laws of this world, though you are constantly tempted to give them power over your happiness and freedom.


You suffer only because of your belief in them and the belief that this world is your true reality.


The truth is, you are perfectly free and are under no laws except God’s and His law states your freedom.


By choosing to see only this world, it is a direct testimony to your belief in laws that do not exist.


It is a direct attack upon My Heavenly Reality I have waiting for you.


Choose again.  


Choose instead to let go of your belief in the power this world seems to hold over your state of mind and your feelings.


Allow only God’s laws to work in your life and not your own.


Forgive yourself for seeing this world to begin with; release it, and let it go.


Forgive yourself for holding onto a past that cannot touch you.


Many of you have read in the bible that I once asked my apostles to leave behind everything they knew in life – family, friends and employment – to come and follow Me.


I asked this out of symbolism.


What I truly want is for you to walk away from this world entirely within your mind.


Again, you do this by reminding yourself at every opportunity: You do not know what this world is, who you truly are, why you are here, and who anyone else is in relation to you.


Leave the world behind by leaving behind your thoughts about it, and come, follow Me.


Leave behind every thought about the world you thought was true – because none of it is.


And upon this clean altar I will place the Truth of your Being and lead you Home.


You will join with your True Self in My Light and live in peace and total joy for all eternity.


~ Holy Spirit